Monday, April 10, 2017

Disney's Aulani Day 12 Part 2 - Our last day at Aulani

Today's our last day at Aulani. It's been really fun so far, and I'm sad we're having to leave already. Two days isn't enough time here.
Hi Stitch! Alli just loves Stitch.
Too cute.

Just try to get a picture with two kids looking at the camera. Alli looks great but Ian isn't looking.

Then Ian is looking but Alli is distracted.

Stitch was ready to leave and Alli was ready to go anywhere with him.


Back at the room there was one more treat awaiting the kids. Chip and Dale are both in Aulani shirts and waiting for them. Our flight back home tonight isn't until much later tonight so we've still got the day to hang out here. The bellhop picked up our luggage (minus a day bag) and we headed towards the others.

Before we do that though, let's stop by the Ulu Cafe. Even though I stuffed myself silly on Dole Whip at the Dole Plantation a week ago, I've been wanting a Dole Whip here at Aulani.

Is Moana protecting the desserts or...

There's my Dole Whip!

Everyone thinks I want to share.

He was very happy with his sprinkle Mickey cookie.

Walking towards where the family was today, we crossed paths with the boys playing ping pong.

And here's the rest of the family. Hanging out in the same area as yesterday.

Today though the area right next to us is blocked off for a wedding. It was beautiful and we got to enjoy the music from the harpist while we relaxed in the sun.

With everyone chilling, Ian and I have one more slide to conquer.

Bring on the Tubestone Curl!
It was fun and I liked that we could go together, but my favorite is still the Volcanic Vertical.

It's about time for Alli's nap.

Since we don't have a hotel room anymore, our next best option is the Ergo baby carrier. She sleeps best on me, so I tossed her in and headed inside for air conditioning. A fun fact that I learned is that they use the heat from all the air conditioning to keep the water in the pool warm.

Wandering outside and looking at a pool we didn't have time to visit.

One last place we haven't explored too much is the Menehune Bridge. I spotted Ian with Theresa going down the slide just as Alli started waking up.

I liked how the he could just run around completely on his own.

A few more times down the Volcanic Vertical were in order. Ian was still the smallest one I saw slide the whole time we were there. At the beginning I was a little concerned that maybe he wouldn't follow me down, since I had to go down first. He loved it every time though. And half the time he'd come out head first.

Let's do it again!

Eventually we ran into Theresa and a bunch of other people floating around the lazy river.

The kids both had a fascination with my sunglasses and trying to get them wet. Alli is contemplating her next move.

The kids successfully stealing my sunglasses. Ian is squealing with delight when he finally manages to get them.

I've seen old bridges that were dated before, but I was wondering why this one was dated 1923. The resort was only built in 2011, so I know it can't be that old. Earlier this morning Janelle explained that it was dated for when the Walt Disney Company was founded, all the way back in 1923.

We've had one Dole Whip, but why not a second Dole Whip? This time from the Little 'Opihi stand near the beach. T got a Mickey pretzel.

Again with the forced sharing.

Aww. A cracked Mickey bar.

Ian was so exhausted he passed out on Uncle Don.

I seem to have a visitor.

It's 5pm and about time to head to the airport. We made use of the shower facilities, rinsed off, and then changed out of our swimwear. Goodbye Moana.

A little Mickey water for the road.

At the airport with plenty of time for our flight.

And just like our trip out here, Theresa had us flying back in First Class. For free. She really is the Queen of Travel Deals.

Can't beat the first class seats for overnight flights.

Wake up guys. We're in Los Angeles. Morning bed-head for Ian. That hair is wild.

Goodbye Michigan family. As soon as we landed, they headed off to another terminal to catch a flight back home. We got picked by the Grandparents who flew in the day before.

Then it was right back to the airport again to drop Gram and Pop Pop off.

Whew! What a 2 weeks it was. So many fun memories from our time in Hawaii.

Day 1 - Our amazing house, pool, and Leonards malasadas.
Day 2 - The trip to Hanauma Bay and the Makapu'u lighthouse hike, plus the Eat the Street food festival.
Day 3 - Visiting the Farmer's Market, Swap Meet, and eating Gelato
Day 4 - Hiking Diamond Headseeing the Waimea Valley and swimming in a waterfall. Plus our awesome Dole Plantation Tour and riding the Dole Pineapple Express.
Day 5 and 6 - Hiking up the Koko Head Crater and relaxing on Kailua Beach.
Day 7 - Another hike. This time up Kuliouou Ridge and trying Champion's malasadas.
Day 8 and 9 - A slippery hike up Manoa Falls and sampling Kamehameha's malasadas.
Day 10 - Arriving at Disney's Aulani
Day 11 - Enjoying a character breakfast at Aulani, the pools and slides, and a Menehune Hunt.
Day 12 - A private tour of Aulani with a Disney Ambassador and relaxing until it's time to fly home.

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  1. Alas, all good things must come to an end. What a fun-packed time, right down to the wire. The first time Alli was asked if the dole whip was good she just opened her mouth for need for words for her "yummy" answer. Ian is quite adventuresome and brave to do that volcano vertical slide! Great Stitch pictures and priceless interaction between Alli and Stitch. I wonder if the kids and T (and maybe Joe) are already planning on the next Aulani visit :-) Mahalo for sharing this TR!