Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kuliouou Ridge Hike - Day 7

Hawaii, Day 7.
Yesterday there was a bit of running around the island. Everyone is doing their own thing. My parents are hanging out at the house with Ian and Alli. The rest of the family is visiting Pearl Harbor. And Theresa and I got some time for ourselves and decided to hike to the top of a hill.
We were looking for something challenging, but not too far away from the house. The Kuliouou Ridge Hike was perfect! A 5 mile out and back hike with an elevation gain of about 2000 feet. The top promised amazing views of the island.

The bottom of the hike started out in a valley. Here the smell was rich and earthy. Hiking was pretty easy going.

Every time you came to an opening, there were good views looking out. The view from the top is going to be great.

We left the woody, earthy part of the trail and came to a section where pine trees have been dropping their needles in massive quantities.

Then a portion of the trail was entirely made up of tree roots.

We're getting close! There's already some great views back towards Koko Head where I hiked yesterday and Hanauma Bay.

The last part of the trail has thankfully been maintained. It's pretty steep and rainwater would have washed these trails out long ago. There are lots of stairways allowing a foothold as you make the final climb.

Success! And look at that view!

Climbing back down and once again thankful for those steps.

After a morning at Pearl Harbor, Rita and Aubrey came back and made everyone cookies.

Ian just loves to help.

And today we'd sample yet another malasda shop.

I had a little sampler platter. They're tasty, but my favorite is still Leonard's.

The rest of the day was hanging out at the house. Hanging out on the porch, reading a book, watching the water.

And enjoying the sunset.

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