Sunday, August 31, 2008

2008 Disneyland Half Marathon

Photos from the 2008 Disneyland Half Marathon


  1. That castle hat looks perfect against the "wacky" float holding Alice & the Mad Hatter. Was that one medal, "Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World" a result of participating in both half marathons in the same year? I vaguely remember some type of "bonus" medal if coast-to-coast races (but not sure which races) were done the same year. Congratulations, Joe & Theresa, for completing another race! Joe, was this the 1st Disneyland half marathon that led you onto the road to "legacy status (hope that's the right term)"? I think I recalled a post from MC where you talked about that legacy status, and how fun it was to be a part of it. Great photo ops along the way! EOM

    1. Yes! That medal is called the Coast to Coast medal. And yes, you earned it by completing a race at WDW and DL in the same year. If you look at the medal, you can see a little star where Disneyland and Disney World are on the map.
      They've even expanded it into the races they do out in Paris now. It's called the Castle to Ch√Ęteau Challenge, where if you complete a Disney race in the States and another in Paris you get a bonus medal.
      2006 was the inaugural race at Disneyland and the reason I have Legacy status. I realize now that I'm missing that entry from the blog. I'll have to get it posted one of these days.