Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 Walt Disney World Marathon and Goofy Challenge

Photos from the 2008 Walt Disney World Marathon and Goofy Challenge

If you run the half marathon the day before, and then the full marathon the next day, it's considered the Goofy Challenge, and you get an extra medal!

Once again we're up bright and early. 

There's a mass of people at the starting line. 

All the characters along the route are awesome. I love how it's entirely on Disney property, so they have character out everywhere. 

Some backstage hippos from the Jungle Cruise. 

It's Darkwing Duck! My favorite!

Some animals were out from the Animal Kingdom. 

A bunch of rare characters here. John Smith. 

Tarzan and Jane. 

At this point, after 13.1 miles yesterday, and just over 20 miles today, Theresa's knees just couldn't take any more. Bummer. 

Continuing on into Hollywood Studios. 

Prince John. 

Into Epcot! Let's finish this thing!

Around World Showcase!

Whoa! Is that Robin Hood right before the finish line? Definitely have to stop for that. 


39.3 miles in 2 days! That's Goofy!


  1. Joe, GREAT accomplishment...39.3 miles in 2 days...truly Goofy (extra points for wearing that cute Goofy hat the entire way!!!!...must have made the run a little more difficult with that extra weight on your head!) Theresa, even though you didn't finish the entire 2nd race, you're still a champ for going as far as you did (just think, "only" 33.1+ miles :-)...that's 33 more miles than I would ever attempt!) A lot of great and rare characters to make the long race more exciting and fun. What a full (and exhausting) two days! EOM

    1. The hat has its ups and downs to be sure. Yes it makes everything hotter and sweaty. But when you hear someone cheering specifically for you and calling you out, that just adds a little more pep to your step.
      I was so excited to see all the characters. Darkwing Duck especially. I grew up with the Disney Afternoon after school.