Friday, May 26, 2023

Fall Foliage Colorado 2022 - 2022/10/01

Getting back into some blogging after a busy time off. When we last left off, we had just returned from California visiting friends. Now we're in Colorado and it's the start of Fall 2022. 

Fall? That means we need to go into the mountains and see the leaves changing colors! Just like we did back in 2019, we're joining up with my brother Patrick, his wife Megan, and their daughter Avery

Using Megan's mom's van to fit everyone in for the trip. Patrick is driving with Theresa in the front seat for motion sickness. 

With the rest of us in the back seat. But oof, it's early. 7:15am and we're already on the road. 

The drive up to the mountains was pretty, seeing the golden aspens off in the distance. 

Hoping out to get pictures along the side of the road. 

It is cold! 

Lots of family photos. 

Looking into the sun is hard. 

That's better. 

Still cold though. Let's get back into the car and find some more places with leaves changing. 

Gah, that sun again. Good for lighting us up. Bad for squinting eyes. 

The same location in the opposite direction. I think you're being a little over dramatic Avery. 

That's better. 

With the sun at our backs, we're not squinting, but the sky gets blown out a bit. 


All the girls. 

All the boys. 

Alli - I can take your picture! 
Thanks Al. 

We continued our drive down some side roads, looking out in the distance at the changing leaves. We're just a little early for the season, but things are still looking pretty. 

Smiling with my boy. 

Giving him a kiss like Mommy and Alli. 

Definitely sweater weather. 

Getting such an early start, we didn't see very many other people. 

Ooh, a tunnel. 

Reminds me of Back to the Future! 

More photos as we wrap up our day. 

On the climb out, Theresa saw this colorful copse of trees and had to stop for pictures. 

Very nice. 

Ian was a little nervous, seeing as how we were on the side of a hill with no barrier. 

Ooh, some pretty reds in there. 

The ground littered with golden leaves as we left. It was a great trip up into the mountains to see the leaves this year. 

Ah, here's all those people. At 11:15am Woodland Park, the town leading in to the mountains, is backed up! From traffic light to traffic light, roads are packed and hardly anyone is moving. Good thing we got out here early!  


  1. Good planning to go early and beat the loooooooooooooong line of cars and crowds!! Beautiful day for taking in the (early) fall foliage...sunny and lots of blue skies...a bit chilly but it keeps you awake :-) Lovely golden aspens...lots of wonderful family photos with the aspens in the background. I wonder if that "one photo from 2 different years of the same tree at the same photo angle" was seen that day...would be interesting to see how it looks now. What a wonderful, leisurely way to spend the day, taking in nature's natural beauty during the fall. EOM

    1. We didn't get out to that same park this year, so we missed seeing that tree again. Either way, it was a great morning in the mountains.