Saturday, May 27, 2023

Hanging out in Colorado before leaving for Florida - 2022/10/15

Wrapping up our time here in Colorado before leaving for Florida. (from Fall 2022)

Some projects at home are easier with 2 people. Dad bought these attic stairs but hasn't installed them yet. I can help! 

Getting up into the attic. 

Though I hate this part of attics. I've skewered myself in my own attic back in California. We completed the attic stairs project, but not without a little bit of bloodshed. 

With two massage guns we can have two back massages going at the same time. 

Alli is getting pretty good at piano! She's showing off for Gram, getting 3 stars on multiple songs. 

Loving these long fuzzy pajamas for chilly Colorado. 

Alli working the pull-up bar in the basement. It wasn't long afterwards that all the adults were kicked out of the basement and forbidden to enter. The kids have special surprise and wanted privacy. 

A few hours later (I love how they can do things like this for hours), they came back upstairs and offered tickets to everyone for 25 cents each.
We have to pay for this?
Kids - Yes! We spent a lot of time on it! 
(Video at the end)

Being led into the "theater".

Rows of chairs set up and everything. 

Unique tickets for everyone. 

And look at that set design. No wonder it took so much time! That's a lot of blue coloring and papers taped together to get a blue background. 

Oh my, and there's costumes as well!

It's a lovely day!

A lovely day... FOR EVIL!

Watching from our seats. 

Amazing what you can do with unlimited paper and tape! Costumes, props, displays. Though you've never heard so much crinkling! 

Battling the villain. 

Taking a bow. Good job kids!

Looking behind stage as they change out of costumes. 

They even made their own script. 

And their lines. 

The video.

All day long we've been smelling this pulled pork that Theresa has been cooking. 

Mmm, street tacos. Delicious. 

Nachos are a great idea. 

Helping Gram out in her garden. 

Pulling up a few little potatoes. 

And beets. 

Picking all the little tomatoes off the vine. 

Enough for a handful. 

Tonight, I've got dinner. I'm going to make something everyone will love. 

Texas Roadhouse rolls! 
Theresa, those are for dinner!
Theresa - They're better hot out of the oven. 
Can't argue with that. 

They'll be paired with these tasty ribs I've been making. During our time here, the house has been smelling fantastic. 


We've celebrated with a lot of people in the days leading up to it, but finally it's the day of Alli's actual birthday! 

Mmm, a brownie cake. 

Presents! New stickers for her water thermos, and anywhere else she wants. 

More colorful socks!

And Minecraft definitely is not just for boys, but it's not so easy finding girl clothes.

New markers for drawing!

Happy birthday Alli!


It's been fun hanging out in Colorado, but tomorrow we jump in the truck and make our way to Florida! Lots of fun adventures though as we make our way there! 

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  1. Brownie cake...yum, yum...(belated) Happy Birthday, Alli!...some new art stuff to make more creative things! Wow...Ian, Alli, & Avery put a lot of thought, planning, and creating to make their own live-action show!...scripts, included (very impressive)...thank goodness for lots of paper and tape :-)...and lots of patience to color everything and make costumes, too...great job! Mmmmmmmmmmmm...homemade street tacos and Texas Roadhouse rolls (yes, tastes best when fresh out of the oven!). Having the vegetable garden is so wonderful...homegrown cherry tomatoes are the best!...first time seeing fresh potatoes straight out of the ground. One day you should record a mini piano demo/recital by the kids!...that would be lovely to hear. Time has flown by again while visiting family in Colorado!! EOM