Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Visiting the Orlando Cat Cafe - 2023/10/30

We're back in Florida and that means we get to do all the fun things here! This weekend, Nicole suggested we come back and visit the Orlando Cat Cafe! Why? Because they have kittens! Oh you should have heard the squeals of excitement from the kids when they found out. 

They love cats in general, but kittens just ramp up the cuteness factor. 

As soon as we arrived, the kittens were out in force and very playful. Nicole tells us that 10am is a good time because most everyone is awake. As you get later, the cats start to head off for naps. There's plenty of strings and other cat toys for them to chase around. 

Thea has a lot of spirit. She is very playful and those claws like to come out. My shoes took the brunt of it. 

Jacob dangling a toy in front of her. 

And Thea climbed on my legs and shoes to better attack it! Ouch! Claws! 

She loves those shoelaces. 

As cute as Thea is though, it was Princess that won my heart, as well as Alli's. Toward the end, she crawled up into my lap and laid down for a rest. 

Ian's favorite is a cute calico kitten named Autumn. He snuggled with her down on the floor. And good news for her, she's been adopted later this week! 

Since 2016, the Orlando Cat Cafe has helped 2360 cats and kittens find new homes! 
Our hour passed by way too quickly. We'll be back! 

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  1. An hour of cuteness and playing (plus some pricks and scratches...ouch!) with those kittens. A fun outing, especially for Ian and excited to see kittens! EOM