Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Thanksgiving Road Trip

Happy Thanksgiving! Normally we'd be flying to visit family, but this time we're on a different sort of adventure. We're driving! 

As you might have read earlier, our good friend Jacob (Uncle Jacob to the kids), has recently started the RV life and is on the road full-time too! Pulling his RV requires a big truck, so his old Tesla is not needed anymore. As fortune would have it, my dad was looking at electric vehicles and wanted to buy it! 
Jacob gave Theresa and I a run-down of everything we'd need to know about driving it and the next morning we set off for a Thanksgiving Road Trip! 

Well this is certainly different. Instead of stopping for gas every once in a while, we'll be stopping to charge the Tesla batteries! I'm glad there's an app for that, giving you an estimate of where you'll need to charge up and what percentage battery life you'll have left when you get there. 

We put the Beast and Beauty into storage for a weeks...

Everyone settled in for a 2000 mile road trip? Kids are in the backseat with their iPads and snacks. They'll be able to do a little bit of school on the road. And we're off! 
One benefit to being in a smaller vehicle is that we'll be able to stop at a lot more places along the way that might otherwise be more difficult were we pulling the RV. 

I get some road snacks too. Like any meats or cheeses that were in our fridge that won't last until we get back. Thanks for the deer sausage Ethan and Ty!

Before too long we were leaving Florida. 

And entering Georgia!

These Tesla chargers are scattered all around. Never know what might be close by when we stop to charge. This time we're by a Starbucks! 

The kids were happy to stop for a potty break and get a tasty snack for the road! 


Ah, here's another stop that we'd never attempt with the RV. 

Buc-ees! Along with plenty of gas islands, they have EV chargers too!  

And inside it was as crazy and busy as we'd heard. It smelled fantastic with the BBQ brisket being made into sandwiches while we watched. 

And the sweet smell of fudge. 

And glazed nuts. They smell great! 

Back on the road, Taco Bell has something I hadn't seen before. Instead of Cinnamon Twists, you could get Strawberry Twists! We all tried it, and while it's not bad, we prefer the original Cinnamon Twists. Or even better, the ones we can make at home

Arriving at our hotel, just outside of Atlanta, the kids were happy to see free hot drinks in the lobby. 

Alli especially loves hotels for their free breakfasts, where you can get all sorts of different foods, and as much as you want of them! 

We must be in the south because there's even Grits for breakfast. 
Well, this is just the start of our trip west! There's plenty more fun things still to come! 


  1. Whoa...driving a Tesla after driving The Beast must have made you feel like an ant :-) Definitely many advantages with a sedan...don't need to worry about height restrictions when going under bridges! Buc-ee's looks like the stop with everything, from electric chargers to tempting fudge...wasn't familiar with the chain. It worked out well that your dad was interested in an EV and Jacob wanted to unload his. Looks like an adventurous westward road trip is just getting started. EOM

    1. It sure did! We've got so much room in The Beast! Everything was a little more cramped and way low to the ground. There was one point on the trip when we got re-routed due to an accident to a bridge that was stated to 10' 6"! Thank goodness we were in the Tesla! There was at least one 18-wheeler I saw that had to turn around on a narrow two lane road with the help of a police officer!
      We had a lot of fun getting to Colorado!