Friday, December 1, 2023

GraciasMas - Christmas celebration in Colorado - 2023/11/23

Merry Christmas (early) from Colorado! 

My sister-in-law Megan had the great idea that instead of having a big Thanksgiving dinner that will take all day to make, we'll have something everyone loves just as much! Mexican Food! Thus was born GraciasGiving! Because we've got the whole family here too, we're going to add an early Christmas celebration to the mix too, giving us, what we liked to call, Graciasmas! 

On a side note, being so far behind on writing things up, I'll be posting things from all different times of the year going forward. So if you see something from March or July, don't be concerned. I'm catching up as best I can! 

One of the things the kids have requested for Christmas Day is cinnamon rolls when they get up in the morning. I was up late the night before getting them prepped. 

Ready to go into the fridge overnight to proof. In the morning they'll be risen and puffy. 

And we weren't sure if things would work out of not, but it did! The whole Flowers family from Washington was able to come out! Their school went all the way through Wednesday, so they didn't get to leave until Wednesday night! And they had to leave on Friday morning! Very quick trip, but we're thankful they're here. 

It's a chilly Colorado morning. Pikes Peak will be covered in snow soon. 

Ian was very impatiently waiting by the door for the Washington Flowers to arrive. 

Looking out a better window. 

They're here! 

Timed perfectly with my cinnamon rolls coming out of the oven! It smells amazing! 

Combine that with the trays of bacon my brother Patrick made earlier in the morning. It was a very satisfying breakfast. 


Glad to have everyone here. 

A few of the kids headed downstairs to play Patrick's old Wii. 

While we stayed upstairs and caught up of life. 

It's time for Christmas presents! Instead of stockings, Gram pulled out a plethora of goodies and let everyone pick their favorites. 

Ooh, I love the Christmas sweater Megan. Combining your love of tacos and Christmas! 

Presents were passed around. 

Alli loving her Pikachu binder for Pokemon cards. 

And Ian is thrilled with his Pokemon game. 

Avery went to the store with her Daddy to pick out presents for everyone. 

Ian and Alli were very secretive for the past couple days whenever Avery would come to Gram's house to play. One would go play with her while the other would be in the sewing room with Gram. They called it Project X. Ian came up with the idea to make Avery a stuffed bear, and he said the only person he knew that could help to that was Gram! They did great! 

Ooh, Avery, that looks like candy that might be for a taste test. 

And in what Ian and Alli called Project Y, they also made a bear for Emma!

Great homemade presents! 

Love having the whole family together. 

One more thing the kids look forward to each year is the saran wrap game. 

Gram started everyone with a dollar so everyone would get something. 

Then it was chaos as the saran wrap ball made its way around the circle. 

When doubles on the dice were rolled, the ball got passed. It was a lot of shouting and groans when someone made doubles immediately after someone got the ball, but it was all in good fun. 

Resting up for what's to come. 

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  1. Graciasmas!! What a WONDERFUL family many memories captured in those great family photos (and in your hearts)...such excitement and facial expressions when gifts were opened (Isaac looked so "wowed" at his new headphones!) Such cute homemade bears (Project X & Y worked out beautifully)...Megan's Christmas taco sweater is sooooo unique and just perfect for a taco lover. That Saran Wrap game is so wild and fun...can see why the kids look forward to it so much. To be greeted through the doorway with the aroma of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls was quite the welcome (yum, yum). Emma is really growing up fast! EOM