Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas from Florida

Merry Christmas from Florida! This year Theresa's Michigan family is coming to Florida to celebrate! 

Chi and Richard arrived a few days before everyone else. Chi made sure to make chicken nuggets for the kids. 

The kids made up a song about Chick-mas. (Based on the Bowling for Soup song The Corner Store on Christmas).

On December 24th, we wanted to do a bike ride to visit our friend Henry and drop of some Christmas treats!

Cookies and other treats for Henry, cabbage for the goats, and chicken trimmings for the dogs. 

Carrots for the horses. 

Bread and Cheerios for the chickens. 

Christmas Eve saw the kids having a pizza party with the grandparents, watching Christmas movies, and drinking hot cocoa. 

While we met up with Theresa's sister and family for dinner. 

It's tradition to open a present early on Christmas Eve, but Theresa broke into these slippers a few days before that... 

Ian - It's pajamas. It's always pajamas. 

Except this time it's totally not! It's movie snacks! 

Before bed, they prepped some cookies and milk for Santa, plus carrots for the reindeer. Ian thought we should have 9 carrots, but I sent him outside to look for fog. Since there was now, I don't think Rudolph will be working tonight. 

The next morning was Christmas! 

In front of our fireplace, ready to open presents! 

What's the note from Santa say? 

I'm surprised Ian didn't write a note. Though it has been a while since anyone lost a tooth

Lots of their favorite candies in their stockings. 

Santa even left stockings for Richard and Chi. 

I even got some Chocolate Covered Cherries and Chocolate Oranges in mine. 

Time for the kids' presents. We're getting a Discovery+ subscription again! 
Joe - What do you watch Ian? 
Ian - Kids baking shows and house renovation shows. 
Joe - Why are you watching house renovations show? 
Ian - I don't know! I just like them! 

And also a big gymnastic mat! Theresa and I had to clear some space in the RV for it! Now they can practice ninja rolls, back bends, and all sorts of things at home! 

Merry Christmas! 

Next we all hopped in the sleigh, to head to the rest of the family! 

Hi family! 

We brought board games!
Pit was a present from our Mississippi family! It's fun and rowdy! Jared got the hang of it quickly, winning the first 3 rounds!

And when all 8 "kids" started played, the "Excessive Noise Warning" on Aubrey's watch started going off! 

It would have been difficult to host all 16 people in the RV for dinner on Christmas day. 

Knowing this, Donald made reservations for all 16 of us at a nearby Columbian Steak House! 

Should be tasty! 

Donald got a plate of meat for the people at table. 

Tyler, Jared, and I got a burger, but it's loaded with so many things, like tomatoes, lettuce, chips, ham, pineapple, grilled onions, and one more special thing. 

Cheesy goodness.

So much melted cheese! 

Difficult to pick up, but I managed it. 

Theresa's chicken with grilled onions looks good too. 

It's been a fun Christmas day hanging out together! Later this week we'll be renting a house in Orlando and do more fun Christmas things together. 

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