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Holiday Treats - Terry's Chocolate Oranges and Ovation Break-A-Parts Taste Test

(From Christmas 2022) One of my favorite holiday treats is the Terry's Chocolate Orange. These have been staples in my stocking for the last few years! I'd be in trouble if these were available year round! I regularly find the original Milk Chocolate Orange and the Dark Chocolate Orange, but this year I was on the lookout for even more flavors! 

My brother Jon found most of them and when I saw them all, I knew we had the makings of a Chocolate Orange taste test! 

For today's test, we're trying 5 different Terry's Chocolate Orange flavors, and 3 Ovation filled chocolate flavors (in the shape of oranges, but not always flavored with orange). 

We'll be sampling the original Terry's Chocolate Orange, Terry's Chocolate Orange Dark, Terry's Chocolate Orange Toffee, Terry's Chocolate Orange Popping Candy, Terry's Chocolate Orange White, Ovation Break-A-Parts Crème d'Orange, Ovation Crème de Menthe, and Ovation Crème de Raspberry. 

That's 5 different Terry's Chocolate Oranges and 3 Ovation oranges. 

Terry's started way back in 1823 when Joseph Terry joined the York sweets company to develop new ideas in chocolate. In 1926, his sons introduced the Chocolate apple, and the Chocolate Orange in 1932. 

The company has changed hands many times since then, currently a part of Carambar & Co and produced in France, but these days, they sell 44 million chocolate oranges a year! 

Our first orange is the original.
Terry's Chocolate Orange Original. 

There's 20 different orange segments, plus the delicious center column of flaky chocolate pieces. 
Orange Flavored Chocolate Confection. 

Joe - I like the creaminess of the chocolate. And the orange flavor. 
Alli - This one is really good! I like the taste!
Avery - It's yummy right? 

Everyone has gathered around to try pieces of the chocolate oranges. 

Next are the Terry's Chocolate Orange Dark. 

Orange Flavored Dark Chocolate.

Josh - The orange isn't as prominent in the dark chocolate. 
Alli - I think I like the dark chocolate, but I don't get as much orange in it. 
Joe - I like the original one so far. But I like to go back and forth between both. 
Ian - I like it, but I like the original. 

Terry's Chocolate Orange Toffee.

Toffee Bits in Orange Flavored Chocolate Confection. 

Joe - This one has toffee bits. 
Megan - I like the toffee.
Avery - It's really crunchy.  
Alli - I like the smoothness in the chocolate, but I don't get the orange. 
Joe - I like the toffee bits. 
Patrick - My favorite so far. 

Definitely a good start so far. 

Terry's Popping Candy Chocolate Orange
Joe - So they put Pop Rocks in Chocolate? 

Orange Flavored Chocolate Confection with Popping Candy. 

Avery - Why did I get so small (a piece)?
Megan - We've got so many chocolates to try, we don't want to get sick. 
Isaac - Popping candy, yes please!
Joe - I don't know that the popping candy adds anything to it. 
Ian - I like that one the best so far. 
Megan - It's like sickeningly sweet. 
Avery - Uncle Joe! It actually does have pop rocks! (comes closer to I can hear them popping in her mouth)
Joe - I don't love the popping candy. 
Jon - The popping candy doesn't really work. Why is this here? It needs to really hit you, but it didn't. 
Joe - It was more a gimmick? It doesn't really add anything? 
Emma - I really liked the popping candy!
Jon - Disowned! 
Jessica - She just knows what she likes!

Terry's Chocolate Orange White

Orange Flavored White Chocolate

Joe - I haven't seen a White Chocolate ones of these before either. 
Isaac - White Chocolate has no actual chocolate. 
Joe - I don't usually like white chocolate. 
Ian - Nor do I. 
Joe - I've still got that popping candy going on in my throat. 
Megan - I like it, but I couldn't eat a whole one. 
Patrick - It's too sweet. 
Avery - YUMMY! I Love It!
Megan - I want that melted and drizzled over something. 
Alli - I hated that one. 
Isaac - It was pretty good. 
Jon - A lot more muted flavor. 
Patrick - Tastes like a creamsicle. 
Mickey - It's my favorite so far. 

Next, we're switching brands over to Ovation Break-A-Parts. Somehow they've figured out a way to add filling to these already thin slices of orange. And there's still 20 slices of orange. 
Patrick - Like Junior Mints. 

Crème d'Orange Filled Dark Chocolate

Eli - The orange is a little bit more put together. 
Alli - Yuck!
Ian - The filling is not very sweet. 
Patrick - I was expecting it to be creamier inside. Like a peppermint patty or Junior Mint. This is very firm. 
Megan - I don't like that at all. 
Ian - That was not good. 
Jon - The flavors aren't working together. 

Ovation Crème de Menthe

Crème de Menthe Filled Dark Chocolate

Megan - Avery I think you'll like this one. 
Patrick - It tastes like an Andes Mint. 
Joe - The darker chocolate works with the mint. 
Avery - It tastes the same as Junior Mint!
Ian - I like that. Those are really good. 

Ovation Crème de Raspberry

Crème de Raspberry Filled Milk Chocolate

Alli - Those are going to be yucky. 
Joe - You don't like artificial raspberry? 
Alli - It almost makes me sick and I want to throw up. 

Yikes! Let's hope these don't do that. 

Ian - It's actually good!
Joe - Huh. No artificial flavors in this. I don't mind the raspberry. 
Patrick - No. 
Avery - I love it! 
Alli - I hate it. I hate this one. 
Eli - It tastes like sherbet. Raspberry sherbet. 
Jon - I like that one! 
Megan - I would have liked that one in dark chocolate.  
Mickey - It's tough to get raspberry right, and they got it right on that one. I'm going to get a second piece of that, even after all these others. 

Alli - Best: Original Chocolate. Liked the smooth texture and orange flavor. Worst: The white chocolate one I spat in the trash. 
Jessica - Best: Original Milk Chocolate Orange. Worst: White Chocolate. 
Joe - Best: Toffee. I liked the bits in it. Worst: Ovation Orange Filled. Didn't like the orange.  
Patrick - Best: Toffee, but close second Ovation Creme de Menthe because it tasted like an Andes mint. Worst: Ovation Orange. 

Eli - Best: Popping Candy. Least - Dark Chocolate. Not enough orange. 
Ian - Best: Popping Candy, but Ovation Raspberry was close second. Worst: Ovation Orange. 
Emma - Best: Popping Candy. Worst: Raspberry. 
Avery - Best: The White Chocolate was my most favorite, but all of them were pretty good. Worst: NONE OF THEM!
Isaac - Best: White chocolate, but the mint was very good. Worst - Dark Chocolate. 

Megan - Best: Ovation Creme de Menthe because it tasted like Andes. Worst: Ovation Orange. 
Sheila - Best: Ovation Creme de Menthe. Worst: White Chocolate. 
Jon - Best: Ovation Creme de Menthe. Worst: White Chocolate because I don't like white chocolate. 
Theresa - Ovation Creme de Menthe. Worst: I don't like anything Orange, so all the others, but especially the Ovation Orange.
Mickey - Best: Ovation Raspberry. Worst: Popping Candy. (Basically the opposite of Emma). 
Josh - Best: Ovation Raspberry. Worst: Dark Chocolate. 

Looks like the favorite of all these is the Ovation Creme de Menthe! Popping Candy was second. 
Thank you Jon for finding so many of these! What a great taste test!

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  1. Like the "orange-slice" pieces look (good re-creation), and being "pre-sliced"! Nice arrangement of the boxes and the chocolate slices in the photo layout. Hmmmm...firm orange filling for the Ovation one...quite unexpected. The Creme de Menthe does sound delicious...always liked a good mint-chocolate flavor. Having popping candy in the chocolate sounds interesting, but it's a little too novel for me :-) Another sweet, yummy taste test (at least you didn't have "too many" flavors to try, unlike that "other" test which won't be matched for a while, if ever :-) !!) EOM