Sunday, December 31, 2023

Ian loses his 10th tooth in Wisconsin - 2023/07/27

I realize I forgot to post this one when it happened, so here we are at the end of the year making sure it gets recorded. 

Late one evening after the kids had already gone to bed, Ian calls out that he was wiggling a tooth and it popped out! 

Yep, that's definitely a crater in your gums! 

That little baby tooth wasn't holding on by much, was it? 

Because it was already so late, he asked if he could wait until the next night to put it under his pillow. Why is that? 
Ever since losing his third tooth on National Tooth Fairy Day, he and the Tooth Fairy have been trading notes back and forth. He has questions, she has answers. 

So the next night before bed, he got a piece of paper and asked whatever was on his mind. 
All these visits from the tooth fairy have actually led to a whole world of tooth fairy lore and drama. You might recall when Alli lost her fourth tooth on Halloween night 2022, that Jack Skellington came and took over the whole Tooth Fairy job. Alli's fifth tooth saw another visit from Jack Skellington! Finally on Alli's tooth number 6, Jack Skellington showed up, but Santa Claus drove him away

Now that that has all been settled, I think the Tooth Fairy is back. What questions did Ian have for the Tooth Fairy this time? 
Dear Tooth Fairy, I have been waiting to lose a tooth to ask you how do you get the money to put under peoples pillows in return for the tooth? yours sincerly - Ian 
PS. Tell the hummingbirds there are flowers here. 

Did I mention that we're traveling across the USA this summer? We happen to be in Wisconsin at the moment with so many cheese shops everywhere! 
When Ian woke up the next morning, under his pillow was a piece of cheese! With a mouse Lincoln sticking his head out of one of the holes!

And did he get answers to his questions? 

On the back of the cheese block was a drawing of a tooth with the following message. 
Dear Ian, It certainly has been a long time since you lost a tooth! You missed all the drama with Jack Skellington trying to take over my job! Luckily Santa Claus helped me get that settled and Santa even took over for a while. But now I'm back and giving children everywhere gifts to celebrate losing their baby teeth. As you can imagine, I am quite old, but years and years ago when I was younger I found a golden treasure. I put the money in the bank and through the magic of compound interest, I have had enough to share with all the children. You can ask your Mom what "compound interest" means, but let me tell you, it's almost like magic. Keep brushing and flossing well. All this moving around makes you hard to find! Thanks for letting me know about the flowers. You just might see my helpers enjoying them. 
Lots of Love, Tooth Fairy

Looks like he's pretty happy! And I love Ian's wild morning hair! 

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  1. The Tooth Fairy is such a great and friendly pen pal :-) Liked the clever way the Lincoln was showing through the cheese hole; also, what a neat way to introduce the concept of "compound interest"...piquing Ian's curiosity to ask Mom what it is! Good job, Ian, on baby tooth #10! EOM