Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Little Debbie Christmas Trees and Little Debbie Christmas Tree Ice Cream Taste Test Comparison

It's time for another Holiday Taste Test! This one is brought to us by Jacob! He was out shopping at Walmart and found all these Christmas treats and thought it would be perfect for a taste test to do together! I agree!

Tonight we're going to be trying Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes in both Chocolate and Vanilla, along with Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream in both Chocolate and Vanilla! 

We'll also be comparing whether the Christmas Tree Cakes taste better fresh or frozen. 

Gotta get a good picture to start this off. 

No, you're not in it at all Alli. Thanks for holding those stubborn boxes up. 

We've got the Vanilla Christmas Tree Cakes. Or is it White Chocolate? I don't think it says. 

Celebrate the Holidays With Santa's Favorite Treat! (Has this been verified)
Two family-owned brands, Little Debbie and Hudsonville, have come together to craft this cold and creamy Christmas Tree Cake inspired ice cream, making holiday moments even sweeter. 

The packaging for the ice cream pint matches the box to the Christmas Tree Cakes very well. 

And I have to give props to Little Debbie for making their actual Snack Cakes match the picture on the box so closely. The Ice Cream looks to have red frosting swirls and those crunchy green sugar crystals. 

Next we have the Chocolate flavored ice cream and tree cakes. 

Celebrate the Holidays with Santa's Favorite Sweet Treat! (well which one is it? Vanilla or Chocolate?)
Two family-owned brands, Little Debbie and Hudsonville, have come together to craft this cold and creamy Chocolate Christmas Tree Cake inspired ice cream, making holiday moments even sweeter. 

It's a different Santa on this ice cream pint. And it doesn't quite match the box this time. Santa is missing his arm that was holding the green present. 

I can't quite tell if there's white icing lines throughout the chocolate ice cream, but I'm definitely seeing red and green sprinkles. Definitely going to give Hudsonville props for being faithful to the original product. 

Everyone is patient while I get my photos. Meanwhile the ice cream is starting to melt. Better get started!

Let's start off with the Chocolate Christmas Tree Ice Cream. 
Joe - I like the chocolate ice cream! It has chips in it. I can't tell if that's supposed to be the chocolate frosting or not. 
Theresa - I like the chocolate Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream a bit. 
Ian - I just tastes like chocolate ice cream. Not chocolate cake ice cream. 

Jacob - I don't like that chocolate ice cream at all. There's some weird flavor. The texture is fine. But I'm not a huge chocolate ice cream fan. 

Now lets try the white ice cream. 
Theresa - It tastes like frosting and vanilla ice cream. 
Ian - I agree. 
Alli - That tastes very much like a birthday cake ice cream. 

Theresa - I feel like the white ice cream tastes like vanilla with frosting, and the chocolate tastes like chocolate ice cream with cake. 
Jacob - I definitely get more "stuff" in the chocolate. 

Joe - I like the crunchy sugar crystals in here!
Jacob - Instead of cookie dough, there's cake dough in here. 
Theresa - I found it in the chocolate too!

And now, it's time for cake!
Ian - The white cake is different. It's really good. 
Joe - The frosting texture is like what covers those mini chocolate donuts. I like the crunchy sugar crystals on the white cakes. 
Theresa - I don't really like the frosting on any of these cakes. 

And what about fresh versus frozen Christmas tree cakes? 
Theresa - I don't prefer it frozen. 
Jacob - The cake frozen is too dry.  

What are the winners? 
Ian - I don't like birthday cake ice cream, so the cake wins. 

Alli - My favorite is White Christmas Tree Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream, then White Christmas Tree Cake, Frozen White Christmas Tree Cake, Chocolate Cake, and Frozen Chocolate Cake. 
Theresa - I'm with Alli, except I'd eat the Chocolate ice cream first before the Vanilla. I don't think I like the frosting covered "things" from Little Debbie. I love the oatmeal creme pies though. 
Ian - White Cake, Chocolate Cake, Frozen White Cake, Frozen Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream. 
Joe - Chocolate Ice Cream, White Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Cake, and the frozen cakes. 
Jacob - White Cake, White Ice Cream, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ice Cream, and the frozen cakes are at the bottom. 

Well that was a fun taste test! Thank you Jacob for providing it!


  1. Jacob came up with a fun Christmas taste test! The cakes and ice cream came in festive, colorful containers...surprised the cakes, themselves, were so very decorated (no false advertising there!) Looks like Ian was the only one that thought the frozen cakes deserved a fairly high ranking; otherwise, various favorites for everyone (since I like chocolate, I'd probably go for the chocolate cake or ice cream first :-) ) P.S. Hope my comment for the Hades Santa Hat post went through. EOM

    1. He sure did! Love finding new things to taste test for the holidays.
      Hmm, I didn't see a comment come through for the Hades Santa Hat. Nothing in the spam folder either. Sorry about that. Doesn't look like it came through on my end.