Sunday, December 3, 2023

Graciasgiving - A Thanksgiving Celebration in Colorado - 2023/11/23

This year instead of the traditional Thanksgiving and all the traditional Thanksgiving food that goes along with it, Megan had the great idea to do something a little bit more simple that everyone will still love. Mexican food! Thus the idea of Graciasgiving was born! Great idea Megan! 

After spending the morning opening Christmas presents together (GraciasMas we called it), the afternoon was left to just hanging out together. Megan made sure we did not go hungry while we were catching up. She's become quite the sourdough bread baker. 

As it came out of the oven, you could hear it sing and crackle. So good. 

Pulling out the bread slicer to make perfect pieces. 

And putting together a very beautiful charcuterie board. She sugared those cranberries herself! 

Very tasty. 

While we were hanging out inside, Pop Pop was taking anyone who wanted to out for a drive in his new (to him) Tesla (that we drove up from Florida! Oh my, it's hard to believe Josh and Eli are old enough to drive now!

And that Tesla has a lot of getup and go power!

Great having all three brothers together.

Time to start making dinner! 
I'm in charge of making the guacamole! I asked who all liked it ahead of time and upon hearing that everyone likes it, used 10 avocados to make a lot of guac! 

Instead of spending all day in the kitchen, most things came together right before we decided to eat. 

Our toppings bar for everything tonight. 

Theresa made some very tasty black beans. 

Megan has three different meats for everyone tonight including carnitas (which have been smelling amazing), ground beef, and marinated chicken. 

Those soft tacos are going to be delicious! 

Everyone was pretty happy with the meal tonight. 

Beautiful Jess. 

Those are some delicious looking tacos! 

Hi guys! 

Pop Pop has put together a very nice plate too! 

With all the ingredients, you can put together whatever you like! Nachos! Sure! Crunchy Tacos! Absolutely! 

Hello kids table (Eli and Josh - Why are we at the kids' table?) 

And the adults table. 

Gotta love a good taco. 

I had thoughts of making sopapillas (fried dough) for dessert, but we're still keeping a little bit of Thanksgiving tradition alive. 3 different desserts? Wow! Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pie, and Creamy Pecan Pie. 

And we've got to try all of them, right? 


Excellent job Megan and Patrick! Thank you for hosting Graciasgiving this year! 

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  1. Really like the newly-coined names, Graciasgiving and unique and descriptive. What a delicious Graciasgiving meal w/ great hosting by Patrick & Megan...the black beans, guac (have to pile it onto those good!), and many toppings and fillings made for such variations of enjoying the simple ingredients. Hey, that was a cute pic of you & T making the guac :-) That creamy pecan pie looked tempting...yum, yum. Great photo of Megan w/ her "castanet" sourdough creations...perfect pose! What a beautifully arranged charcuterie board with those "flower" meat shapes. Wonderful day of sharing and enjoying delicious food. EOM