Sunday, December 31, 2023

Alli loses her 7th tooth before the new year - 2023/12/30

There's only a few days left until the new year! Alli and Ian are spending the night in the rental house with all the Michigan family (while Theresa and I go back to the RV each night due to capacity limitations). On the last morning they were there, I got a text from their Aunt Amy with just this picture. Alli has lost a tooth! 

So, that night after the Michigan family had left and we're back in the RV, she crafted a letter to the one and only Tooth Fairy. We're happy she's back, now that the whole drama with Jack Skellington trying to take over her job has been settled. That went on for like, 3 different teeth

What questions does Alli have for the Tooth Fairy tonight? 
How many huming birds do you have? (Hummingbirds being the helpers the Tooth Fairy uses to collect teeth from all over the world) And what huming bird is your favorite? 
love - Alli and Ian (I think he might have had some help in crafting the letter)
PS. how do (you) celebrate holiday's? 

The next morning she received quite the long message in reply. 

Happy Holidays Alli!
 So glad to see you again in 2023! This makes tooth number 7 for you if I remember correctly! You do like to ask lots of questions, don't you. 
 I would estimate that I have ten thousand happy hummingbird helpers in the aviary they live in, but new baby chicks are being born all the time!
 It's so hard to pick a favorite helper. Zephyr and Swift are so speedy. Flutter and Razle are so cute. But out of all my helpers, Goldwing is my favorite. She's smart and works hard. She's also the one bringing me your tooth tonight! 
 I celebrate the holidays with all my holiday friends. Santa, the Easter Bunny, Lucky the Leprechaun, and even that rascal Jack Skellington. 
 Keep brushing and flossing! Tooth Fairy 

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  1. Way to go tooth #7! Good questions by you & Ian. The Tooth Fairy gave such a detailed response to your hummingbird questions...those hummingbirds have such great names, too...glad the Tooth Fairy has so many helpers! EOM