Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Alli loses her 4th Tooth on Halloween Night in Florida! 2022-10-31

I had to hurry up and write about Alli losing her 3rd tooth because she's already on to losing her 4th one! 

Alli's 4th loose tooth has been wiggly for a few weeks now. Ever since she lost that one in California. As we were nearing the end of October it was about time for it to come out! Ooh, Alli, what if it came out on Halloween night? 

The kids have had pretty good luck losing teeth on special days. Both Ian and Alli lost a tooth on August 22nd, National Tooth Fairy Day. Ian lost a tooth on Christmas Eve, which prompted a visit from both the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus in the same night! Now Alli is losing one on Halloween! I wonder what surprises might be in store?

She's been wiggling it quite a bit, while we're sitting on the couch watching TV or walking around outside. 

She got it really loose a couple days before Halloween and we were concerned it might fall out on its own. Especially given all the apples, carrots, and cucumbers she eats regularly. But she was careful enough that none of them dislodged it. 

After a fantastic Halloween day of doing reverse trick-or-treating at Disney World, and then going trick-or-treating at home, right before bed it was time to pull that thing out. 
She asked Mommy to pull this one for her. 

There it is! 

A nice shiny baby tooth! 

Oh my, look at that smile now!

It wasn't long before it was bedtime and time to put her tooth under her pillow. 

The next morning the kids woke up before I did. When I went into their room, they were already dressed, but Alli said she hadn't checked her note yet. 

And what does it say? 
Alli - Congratulations on losing your fourth tooth! Normally I'd let one of my helpers take care of it, but this one is special and I wanted to collect it myself. It's been a crazy Halloween night with ghosts and witches everywhere! I think I even saw a tall skeleton in a suit wandering around here. Wild! Keep brushing and flossing well. This tooth looks nice and shiny! Good job! Love, Tooth Fairy

Interesting... anything on the back? 

What's this? What's this? 
A bony tooth? How interesting! A fairy flies into kids' rooms and gives them money for teeth! I love this! I should take over this job just like I took over Christmas! I'm sure the Tooth Fairy won't mind. I'll get right to work on it and see you when you lose your next tooth! The Pumpkin Tooth Fairy King Jack Skellington

Ooh, that's going to be fun! I wonder what Jack Skellington might do as the Tooth Fairy! 
I love your new smile Alli! And your new teeth are already growing in! You might not be missing your two front teeth for Christmas after all!

And a video clip of it. 

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  1. Wow, lost 2 teeth in one month!...that must be a record! While you bravely tugged on the 3rd loose tooth earlier, you bravely hung on while Mom pulled on the 4th loose tooth...what a gal!! That was a "spooky" end to a busy Halloween day :-) Btw, Alli, your reading is coming along very well...good job! And just like the Tooth Fairy said, keep brushing and flossing. Keep smiling and show off your new smile whenever you can! EOM