Saturday, November 12, 2022

Happy Surprise Birthday Ian (and Alli)!

A little out of order, but it's appropriate right now. Earlier this year we were in California going to Disneyland and visiting friends! One of those very good friends is Ian's old school friend Lola! Knowing that we'd be around near Ian (and Alli's) birthday, she suggested a surprise birthday for them! 

Lola's birthday was pretty recently, so we put together a couple presents for her as an excuse to make it over to her house. 

Let's go surprise her!

But instead they got surprised! Lola, her sisters, and mom went all out with the decorating! It's a Minecraft themed party! The kids and Lola get online together a couple times a week to play Minecraft together! 
They made the Minecraft birthday banner themselves! 

It took a little while to sink in, but surprise Ian, this party is for you!

I love all the Minecraft decorations! 

Thank you Lola! 

There's presents too? 

Some jammie onesies which came in very handy in chilly Colorado. 

Ooh and Minecraft stuffies! A Panda (so cute) and an Ocelot! 

And a very sweet note from Lola. 

For Lola, her favorite animal is a turtle, so we got her a turtle stuffie. She also got a crystal necklace with a crystal we found earlier this year at the quartz crystal mine in Arkansas, plus a whole lot of candy. 

For dinner, Angie put together a very tasty mexican food dinner. Everyone was stuffed. 

Want to see Lola's room? Of course! 

A Karaoke machine? Sing for us Ian! 

Mmm, time for dessert! These are some tasty chocolate covered Oreos! I love the colors!

Cake time! Ian and Alli both love red velvet, so they picked up a cake from Nothing Bundt Cake. They are delicious! 

Light it up. 

Lola played her keyboard while everyone sang along. Awesome!

Thank you so much Lola, Angie, Olive, June, and Tony! Having the surprise party was so fun and special! 

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  1. :-) :-) What a SPECIAL, SWEET, SURPRISE Birthday from Lola and the family!...Ian and Alli were so surprised and heart-warmed. The homemade and store-bought Minecraft decorations were so perfect...just wow!! Such cute stuffies for Ian, Alli, & Lola...what a decorated, candy surprise gift for Lola...such warm and soft pj's for those cold nights and mornings. Those chocolate-coated Oreos are new to me...looks very yummy! Ian was really enjoying that Karaoke moment...way to go! Such a special time for Ian, Alli, & Lola and the families. EOM