Friday, November 4, 2022

Making Piroshky Piroshky at Home!

Earlier this week we were in downtown Seattle exploring lots of their tasty treats! One of the places we tried was the Seattle staple Piroshky Piroshky with their sweet and savory Russian hand pies. 

We bought a few different flavors and weren't especially impressed with them, thinking that we could give it a try and make them better. Plus a piroshky there was $8 each! I wanted to see how it would be to make our own! Let's try it!

To start, I'm going to need a good dough. I looked at a few different recipes and finally settled on Taylor's Piroshki dough from AllRecipes. In a saucepan, I heated up milk, eggs, oil, sugar, and salt. 

In another measuring cup, I mixed my yeast with some warm water and sugar. It's quite foamy. That's happy yeast! 

It is a very soft dough. Easy to knead. 

That needs to spend a few minutes in a warm spot until it doubles in volume. Time to make the fillings. 

For my first filling, I want to make a beef, onion, and cheddar to go up against the one we had from Piroshky Piroshky. It starts unsurprisingly with ground beef and onions, along with salt and pepper seasonings. 

My second filling is a chicken curry! Making up all the vegetables. 

Then adding the curry cubes to make it delicious. I tried to keep it a little on the thicker side. 

And for my last filling, I want a sweet dessert piroshki. Why not some berries! I added some of our freshly picked blackberries and some of our favorite frozen Berry Lady Blueberries

To make our filling I added sugar, salt, corn starch, and a little cinnamon. 

Once it cooled, I had a delicious berry sauce!

My dough is looking great! Fluffy and ready to be turned into hand pies! 

We'll start with the chicken curry. 

Theresa wore my, I mean her, "I'm just here for the Pie" shirt. When it was discovered that it was super soft and looking a little tight on me, she declared it her shirt. 

Our first batch of Chicken Curry hand pies frying. 

Our friend Todd came over for dinner too. He's helping grate the cheese for our next hand pie. 

Our beef, onion, and cheddar pie!

Yum! Theresa made these a different shape, so we'll be able to tell them apart. 

And finally we have our Blackberry and Blueberry piroshkies. 

We tried a half-moon shape, but the seal on the edge was having a difficult time holding closed. It wanted to open up and spill filling into the hot oil. 

Let's take a look at our 3 piroshki pies!
Our Chicken Curry looks pretty delicious. The filling was full of flavor and worked really well in handheld pie form. 

For the beef and cheddar, I think I could have had a little more filling in it. The flavor was good, but the flower shaped fold meant there was a lot of breading versus filling. 

This dough really reacted to the oil by puffing up and getting a nice crispy shell. In the future I'll have to work on rolling these even thinner to keep the ratio of filling to bread more balanced. 

Despite being our first try making these, everyone gave them a big thumbs up! These were so good! I would definitely give making these another try. The filling combinations are endless! 

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  1. Glad you all took on the Piroshky challenge...delicious results! you said, ideas for the fillings are endless. Even though all of the variations look good, I'll go for the Chicken Curry first...reminds me of the many times my Dad made a big pot of Curry Chicken a la King for dinner (great way to feed our large family and/or many guests). Hey, what a beautiful, lush window view from the dinner table! EOM