Saturday, November 26, 2022

SweeTarts Chewy Fusions taste test comparison

Who likes SweeTarts? We do! 

But which kind do you like? The Crunchy SweeTarts or the Chewy SweeTarts? Well what if there was a way to combine the two? A crunchy and a chewy together. Say like a Fusion of the two? Enter a new challenger. Chewy Fusions SweeTarts! 

We know what the regular SweeTarts look like. The Originals are colored, flavored sugar that has been squeezed at high pressure into a disk. The Chewy SweeTarts are a chewy inside with a crunchy candy texture. 

The size of these Chewy Fusions is much larger than either of the other two. 

They have a soft chewy center, crunchy bits, and a candy shell on the outside. 

The flavors are all centered around a Punch flavored center. There's Berry, Tropical, Cherry, Watermelon, and Strawberry punch flavors. 

Comparing all three together. 

Cracking one open to see the insides. 

Similar colors you'll find across the three of them, though the flavors are quite different. Original SweeTarts have an extra Blue tropical, Chewy SweeTarts have an Orange, and Fusions have a Pink Strawberry.  

Is it candy? Then we've got a good turnout for our taste test today! 
We loves the SweeTarts!
Ian - A dinosaur laid eggs in it! 
Sheila - I love SweeTarts. 
Before we get started, who likes Original SweeTarts? Mickey, Sheila, Ian. 
Who likes Chewy SweeTarts? Theresa, Ian, Megan, Joe. 
Theresa - I like regular SweeTarts okay. I'm not going to turn them down or anything, but Chewy SweeTarts. Mmm!

There's not enough of each to try every flavor. 
Ian - I like Tropical Blue. 
Joe - I like Purple Grape.
Mickey - My favorite is Purple too. You must have gotten it from me. 
The original and chewy SweeTarts are just like we remember them. 

Let's give the Fusions a try. 
Theresa - Ooh. Hmm. 
Joe - Those don't sound like good noises. 
Theresa - I don't like it. It's like the texture of those cherry sours. 
Patrick - It's got a slight hint of like the Nerds Ropes. But not a good one. 
Theresa - Chewy Fusion No. 
Ian - I like them! It's a good flavor inside it. I like the Watermelon one. 
Joe - I wish the center was different. I don't like the punch flavor. 
Mickey - I don't like it. 
Joe - It's a weird crunch. 
Megan - I don't like it either. 
Alli - When you crack the shell they have a weird gummy thing and I don't like that. 
Sheila - I don't care for the outer covering of the Fusions. 
Joe - It's a way different chewy inside than the Chewy SweeTarts. 
Megan - It's a cleaner version of the Nerds Rope. You don't have Nerds falling off everywhere. I like the Fusions. 

Theresa - My favorite is still mini Chewy. Fusions would be one of the last snacks I'd choose. If all the other treats were on the table were gone, I'd maybe choose Fusions. 
Alli has the right idea. Eat all the chewy SweeTarts together. 
Theresa - I can't eat too many. They are eating me back! The acid in them is eating up my tongue!

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  1. Hmmmm...interesting comments on the Fusion...doesn't look too popular except the watermelon one for Ian. Guess most everyone will stick with the original or the chewy (for myself, I'll pass on them all...too tart for me :-) ) Looks like Alli wants a BIG chewy burst of flavors! EOM