Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Mexican Cheetos Poffs vs American Cheetos Puffs taste test comparison

Who likes Cheetos! We've got a special treat today! Not just regular Cheetos Puffs, but also Cheetos Poffs! 

These Cheetos Poffs came all the way from Mexico! 
We are fans of trying new Cheetos things! We've tried Cheetos Flamin Pepper Puffs, Cheetos Mac and Cheese, Cheetos flavored Lays Chips, Cheetos Popcorn, Cheetos Flamin Hot Popcorn, and Cheetos Snowflakes

Every year, my Sister-in-Law Megan heads down to Juarez Mexico with a group and they build a house for a family there. While she was there, she picked up a few snacks for us to try, including these Mexican Cheetos Poffs!

Cuando el maíz de grano entero fue horneando junto el queso surgió Cheetos 
(When the whole grain corn was baked together with the cheese emerged Cheetos)

Wow, what a difference there is in color! I thought American Cheetos were orange. The Mexican ones are an intense orange!

Why not both! 

The American Cheetos are more salty. You can taste the salt flavor before the cheese starts to come through. 

The Mexican Cheetos are crunchier. 

Megan likes the Mexican Cheetos Poffs because they taste more toxic and have a crunchier crispier texture. 

But despite the color, I think the American Cheetos actually taste cheesier than their Mexican counterparts. 

In the end, what's the verdict? For those who had a preference it was:
Mexican Cheetos Poffs - Sheila, Theresa, Megan
American Cheetos Puffs - Joe, Ian, Alli
Guess we have a tie! 
Thank you Megan for picking these up for us to try! 


  1. Thought the Poffs might have a spicier taste because of the reddish-orange color...guessed wrong! Interesting to see the variations between the Mexican and American versions of the cheese puffs. Looks like both versions were preferred evenly. EOM

    1. I have access to poffs in the states and they're my preferred ones! I like the cheesiness