Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Exploring Glacier National Park and Avalanche Lake and Junior Ranger Part 2 - 2022/08/17

Today we're exploring Avalanche Lake inside Glacier National Park! It's gorgeous here! 

Look at that beautiful blue water. We hiked a little further past the busy sand beach where everyone who was hiking stopped and found this flat rock right on the edge of the water. 

Perfect place to have lunch!

Alli feeding the "duck" a goldfish. 

Kids - Can we go out into the water? 
Let's go! I rolled up my shorts and we headed out. 

And then they wanted to go a bit further. 
Using the hiking poles helped keep our balance. 

Brr! Cold! 

Wading out even further. 

I guess I'll join you guys in the water too! 

Going as far out as we dared. It was very silty. Stepping on the ground was almost like quicksand. 

After "swimming" in the lake, the kids got changed into the dry clothes we brought them. 

I wasn't expecting to get in the water, so I'm just going to have to hike back in wet clothes. 

A few video clips. 

Smelling the fresh berries again. No bears on the way back. 

Feeling that cold water river on the way back. 

Enjoying a relaxing shuttle bus ride back to the truck. 

The next day we were back at Glacier NP. 

Time to turn in our Junior Ranger book!

Great job kids! Building up quite the collection. 

A look at the badge. 

The swearing in. 

We also decide to go for a hike down to Lake McDonald and the Apgar village.  

Theresa - This is my Christmas tree right here. I want to decorate it. 

Checking out the shops down here. 

So many Huckleberry treats!

Alli got excited when she saw "The Village Inn".
Alli - Can we get a pie? 
It's not that kind of Village Inn, unfortunately. 

Enjoying a huckleberry cream soda! 

Lake McDonald looks fun! We'd planned to go on a hike tomorrow, but Alli asked if we could go out on the lake tomorrow. It's good to be flexible. On our way back, we stopped by the rental shop. Tandem Kayaks are $48 for 2 hours and we'd need two of them. Hmm. We'll have to figure it out for tomorrow!

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  1. That was a cold, wet but fun adventure into Avalanche Lake...brrr! :-) The lake looked so unbelievably blue in the distance...surreal color. Congratulations, Alli & Ian, on doing some more good work to earn the Glacier NP Jr Ranger badges...pretty soon your vests will be completely covered with badges. That would be quite a Christmas tree to decorate :-) EOM