Sunday, November 13, 2022

The Flowers Explore - The Huckleberry Patch - Glacier Montana

Welcome to Glacier Montana! Huckleberries are very popular here! So popular that we started looking to see if there's any places where we can go pick our own! 

They only grow wild, so Theresa started reading up on the different berries in the region that we needed to be mindful of. Okay, stay clear of Pokeberries. They're poisonous. 

Yes, and Nightshade too. 

So this is what we should look for. Except there's not really any specific locations to go hunt for them. And there's bears in the area that are also looking for tasty treats before they get ready for winter. 

You know what, let's let other someone else collect the Huckleberries and we can just enjoy the results! The Huckleberry Patch hires berry pickers to hike into the wilderness to secure enough berries for all their products!

Welcome to the Huckleberry Patch. A whole store and restaurant that is dedicated to Huckleberries! 

Inside there's candies and taffy. Chocolates and other such things. 

But this is what we're really after. The restaurant and all their tasty desserts!

I hopped in a short line. For being a random Thursday, they're actually pretty busy. 

There's all sorts of ice creams we could get...

But I think we'll have the Huckleberry Heaven ice cream. 

And a slice of huckleberry pie. A'la mode! We could have chosen any flavor ice cream, but is there really any doubt for which kind we should get? 

Looks tasty!

Let's eat it!

The ice cream is tasty! I don't know that it's that much different from other berries I've tried, but it's tasty! 


Unlike other huckleberry shops in the area that "cheat" and mix their filling with blueberries, the Huckleberry Patch uses only huckleberries in their pies ($5.95 pie by the slice, $6.95 ala mode). If you want a whole huckleberry pie, that will cost you $49.95. Huckleberries are expensive! The woman in front us of bought 2 pies for her new neighbors that just moved in! 

And how did we like it? Well... the huckleberry filling was especially delicious! So good. 

The pie crust though... Oh my goodness. It's terrible! Flat and tough. I've had grocery store pies that had a better crust than this. 

Along with the pie and ice cream, I ordered a huckleberry float ($5.95). Again they asked which ice cream I wanted, but obviously it has to be huckleberry ice cream too. When it came out, they served us this, including the bottle of huckleberry soda they used. It's Montana's Legendary soda from Flathead Lake Gourmet Soda

I thought it was a tasty float and Ian thought the drink tasted like the Welch's Fruit Snacks that he likes so much. 

Are we through yet? No! Because they make Huckleberry Milkshakes too ($6.95)! 

Creamy with a tasty berry flavor. 

The kids liked it the most too. 

That huckleberry filling was the tastiest thing for Theresa and I. We scraped up as much of that as we could! 

With that, I think I got my huckleberry fix from Glacier Montana! Thanks Huckleberry Patch!

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  1. Who knew picking huckleberries could be more dangerous than one bargains for! Good plan to enjoy the huckleberries at The Huckleberry Patch...some tasty treats were enjoyed there...the pie filling sounds very good (very surprised the crust was so "underwhelming"...maybe the thought was the delicious filling would mask it, which isn't a good plan!)...thought it was nice that the remaining soda for the float was served alongside it, instead of just tossing it out. Tasty outing today. EOM