Friday, November 18, 2022

Bernie and Sharon's Riverfront RV Park - 2022/08/20

Glacier National Park has been a blast, but it's time to get moving! We've got new places to see!

Our travels today will take us further south into Montana. 

Time to go! I hate when vehicles are parked tight on the road. Going straight through is slow but not a problem. Coming out of a spot when I'm trying to turn the RV behind the truck is a little more difficult!

It's a short 4 hour drive to our next spot. 

Wow! The speed goes up to 80 mph on the roads here! And trucks and go 70 mph, though we stick to the standard 65 mph that is safer for towing. 

Here we are! Riverfront RV Park!

Parking was easy and the spaces are flat. Just one night here. 

Gotta get our sticker on before we leave Montana! 

Filling it up! 

There's even a couple playgrounds here! 

And whenever there's a playground, I like to give the kids obstacle course challenges. See how fast you can get through all the obstacles in the order I tell them. 

They're pretty well matched!

After dinner we headed out for a walk. 

Ducks, chickens, and even some turkeys! 

Making our way down to the riverfront section. 

And chucking rocks into the water. It's a quick stop, but a nice one. 

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  1. 80 mph! Yikes! The obstacle course challenge is a great way to encourage coordination, strength, and just good old exercise! Enjoying the simple things in life like after-dinner walks and tossing rocks in the water can be so restful and energizing...appreciating those things allows a heart of gratitude to blossom. EOM