Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Alli loses her 3rd Tooth in California! 2022-10-07

I'm jumping around a little bit in my blog timeline, but I've got to get this one posted so I can post another one! 

In early October we were in California visiting friends and going to Disneyland! We're staying in a hotel room instead of driving the RV back out. While we were there, Alli's top two teeth are getting super loose! 

Want to pull it out? 
Alli - Yes! I want to lose it while we're in California!
So far she's lost a tooth in Arkansas and Pennsylvania. The good thing about being on the move is that you can experience things in lots of different states!
This is ready to come out though so she grabbed a paper towel and went after it!

There it is! Nice job Alli!

Oh my! Look at that new smile! 

Just a tiny root on that tooth. You can see one of her nails from Halloween that Aubrey made her (still to be written up post, maybe by Christmas...). 

Alli - It feels weird. 

That night, she put her ziplock baggie with her tooth under her pillow. 
Since we're traveling, I didn't have all my usual resources. I had to head down to the front desk for them to break a $20, get a pen, and borrow scissors. 

Good morning Alli! Check your under your pillow! 


She's got another tooth that's very close to coming out too. I wonder if she'll be missing her two front teeth in time for Christmas? 

A video of her pulling her tooth and getting her note. 

And for me, this is Tooth "F", a central incisor. 

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