Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Alli loses her first tooth! 2021-07-14

Alli is excited to finally have a loose tooth! Ian lost his first tooth when we were in Michigan visiting family, and she really wanted to wait to pull it out until more family was around. But this tooth is threatening to fall out on its own, so she's taking charge and today is the day it comes out. 

She's been really into her loose tooth, asking people if they want to wiggle it, and commenting on how loose it is getting. 

Ah, I can see that adult tooth making it's way up back there. No wonder it's getting so loose. 

She's been commenting about it hurting when she's eating too. At breakfast she said that she wanted it pulled out today. We can do that!

Give me a before picture Alli. 

And now an after picture. You've got a hole in your smile now. 

Of course I recorded a video of the whole thing. Because I got to pull Ian's first tooth, we figured it would be appropriate for Theresa to pull Alli's first tooth. Alli gave it a go herself, but opted for Mom to pull it. 
Thank you Ian for all the encouraging words like "It's going to hurt Alli." and "There's just a little blood." 

They wanted a picture together now that both of them are missing teeth. 
Ian - Do you want 5 bucks for your tooth? I'll buy it. 
Alli - I already sold it to the tooth fairy. 

For her bedtime reading, Alli chose a book about a monster who also lost a tooth. 

You can't forget to put that tooth under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy. We discussed earlier whether she'd have a hard time finding her since she's moving around so much. Maybe that tooth will be under her pillow for a week while the Tooth Fairy finds us. And since we're in the RV now, maybe instead of money the Tooth Fairy will leave her a s'more under her pillow. 

In the morning, Alli was excited to find a note from the Tooth Fairy along with a 5 dollar bill. Lucky!

The note. I think she's intending to spend it on candy! 

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  1. :-) :-) Hooray, Alli...your first missing tooth! You were super brave to get the tooth pulled out and not be scared and crying in pain (I think I felt more pain watching you do it then you did!) Glad the Tooth Fairy decided not to leave your favorite s'mores under the pillow, but decided on the money :-) I'm sure Mom & Dad were glad, too! Arkansas now has a special place in your heart. Way to go Alli! EOM