Friday, July 16, 2021

Scorchin Pringles Taste Test Comparison

Time for more Pringles! Ooh, this time they're all Scorchin! That means some heat, which means I'm really hoping I'm going to like these. 

There's three different flavors that have been released. Scorchin Cheddar, Scorchin Chili & Lime, and Scorchin BBQ. 
Looking at the chips, they all look to be about the same color. There's the tell-tale color that is starting to be associated with spicy things. 

I asked who all wanted to participate in a spicy chip taste test. Theresa and Mom, plus Patrick, Dad, and myself. 

"I want to do it too!" Alli called out. 
Alright! Way to go Alli! You've go to get in here for our picture. 

Seeing as how she's the youngest here, I let Alli pick our first flavor. 
She wanted the green one. Okay then. Chili & Lime it is!

A little tentative at first, and for good reason. These Chili and Lime chips have some heat! 
Normally Lime flavored chips are not my favorite, but these are actually really good! The citrus and the spice make a tasty combination. 

For being really spicy, Alli gives these a thumbs sideways. 

Next is Pringles Scorchin Cheddar. 

After trying a few chips, um, are these even spicy? Maybe my mouth is still too hot from the Chili & Lime. 
My mother, who doesn't care for spicy foods, came in to try them and agreed that they don't have much heat to speak of. They are good, but not my favorite. 

Last is the Scorchin BBQ. 

They have a little heat, but a lot of that smokey BBQ flavor. That's tops in Alli's book. 

Theresa liked the Chili & Lime best saying, "I like my mouth to be on fire. That's good flavor."

Well those were good and all, but what about my favorite Pringles flavor, Sour Cream and Onion? Just a couple days before we did this taste test, Pringles announced another Brand New Flavor to the Scorchin Line-up. Scorchin Sour Cream & Onion! I'll have to keep an eye open for these in the wild!

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  1. I was surprised Alli chose the Scorchin' Chile & Lime to lead off the taste test...thought she'd pick the BBG one because of the pink container!...she fooled me :-) least the BBQ one turned out to be her favorite (and didn't get "scared away" after that "hot" taste from the Chili & Lime) Like how the "flames" are spewing out of Theresa's mouth because it's so hot!...nice pose there :-) I'll probably pick the BBQ one with "just a little heat"...can't take things "too spicy"...but it sounds like you & Theresa found a new spicy favorite one (unless the Sour Cream one proves to be another good contender) That was a fun, spicy taste test. Glad Alli survived it ok! EOM