Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! We're in Colorado celebrating with my family!

There's going to be a bit of cooking today, between lunch and pizzas for dinner. Theresa is getting us started with some red, white, and blue Rice Krispy Treats!

Um, Theresa. Vive la France and all that, but this is America. 

Luckily she has a plan and the skills to carry out that plan. 

A slice here, a few cuts there, and oh yeah, it's all coming together. 

That's more like it! Happy 245th birthday America!
Those Rice Krispy Treats will be great with lunch today. 

You know what is also going to go great with lunch. Watermelon! 

Alli loves watermelon and would normally be right beside Theresa asking for a slice. She's a little busy right now though. 

She's with Gram and is getting her nails done. 

In some very patriotic colors. 

That's very nice Alli. Thanks Gram!

It's Megan and Patrick coming to join us for lunch! 

Mmm, and they brought jalapeƱo poppers. Delicious!

Patrick, what are you doing? 
Patrick - Something I saw on the internet. 

And the verdict is... Eh, it's not bad, but probably not again. 

Hey, it's me! 
So what are we having for our all American lunch? Burgers of course! Not grilled, which would have been more appropriate, but after cooking, I did fry them in a little bacon grease for extra flavor. 

Ian was very excited to hear we were having burgers for lunch. 
He also came in and asked if they could do a bike parade around the neighborhood and dress up their bicycles. Daddy, would you like to lead the parade?
I'd love to buddy. 
Ian - You need a hat! We can make you one!
He ran off and a short time later came back with this great American flag hat to match the rest of my outfit.  

Everyone wants cheeseburgers today. 

Of course it's American cheese. 

What a delicious spread!

My plate today. So tasty. 

The kids loved their Rice Krispy treat dessert. 

And Pop Pop even bought them Bomb Pops!

Our time outside was short lived though, and the bike parade was sadly cancelled. There was hail and a huge downpour!

Avery getting her nails done "just like Alli's". 

After dark, while all around us, other fireworks were going off, the kids had a great time throwing poppers in the cul-de-sac. 

Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Happy July 4th! That was a patriotic lunch...great Rice Krispy Flag idea (and execution), Theresa!...nothing more American than those cheeseburgers with the American cheese :-) Hope those tasty, bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers weren't too spicy for the kids :-) Pefect patriotic shorts with a matching hat...too bad the parade was short lived. Looks like Avery really enjoyed her Bomb Pop :-) Gram had a lot of fun doing those patriotic nails...very colorful and pretty...nice job! Mustard on watermelon?...well, that's a new one on me! EOM