Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Please welcome two new members to the Flowers family - Beauty and The Beast!

Today is a big day for the Flowers Family.

Today we're officially kicking off a big lifestyle change that has been about a year in the making. Because of COVID, we'd been staying a home quite a bit more than usual. Doing so, we were seeing how much we were enjoying spending more time with the kids, and how quickly they were growing up. So, Theresa and I started making plans to leave all that behind and start something new. 

Let's go on an adventure by being a Full-Time RV family! 

As for those two new members of the family...

Meet Beauty! She's a 37' Grand Design 5th Wheel with two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, with a kitchen, dining area, and more. Theresa and I, along with help from others, have been getting it ready for the last few months. We've added a Washer and Dryer, Dishwasher, Solar, and a few other niceties to make it more enjoyable. She's really beautiful. Expect more pictures in a separate post. 

And meet The Beast! This Ford F350 has the power to haul everything we need as we explore the USA. 

It's been really great getting to spend so much time with family over the last couple months since we left California. 

But now it's time to go. Love you Gram! 

Love ya Pop Pop!

I need to get used to driving this giant combination. Going straight on the Interstate is one thing, but backing into places is a whole different animal. I'm sure, like most things, it'll come with practice. 
We've certainly done our research. We've spent months watching YouTube videos of other families and their RV experiences. Learned how to set-up and break-down a camp. Figured out all the different hoses and cords, and everything else that we could to get ready. 

Well it doesn't look like we're headed into the mountains...

But we're leaving Colorful Colorado. 

And heading into Kansas! 

Our days are going to be nice and easy. We shouldn't be driving for more than 5 hours on any day, and for the most part will spend several days at each location. Theresa has been busy getting our route planned (and changing it constantly) and has us booked at different sites until November!

The kids both have their own place set up in the cab of the truck. They've got books and snacks, thanks to Gram and Pop Pop. 

Let's go make some memories!

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  1. So sad to say goodbye to Gram & Pop Pop, but...WOW...what a way to start off the adventure of memories! Quite a setup...definitely be a challenge driving that huge Beauty (but like you said, lots of practice will do the trick; can't wait to see details of the Beauty!...nice looking Beast, too). Sounds like something is already planned all the way to November...lots of exciting adventures to look forward to...we're all rooting for a great, safe time for the RV Flowers family as they make memories of a lifetime! EOM