Thursday, July 22, 2021

Lemonade Stand Twinkies

It's our first taste test inside the RV! I was wondering where we might set up for this kind of thing and where I might set up a "product shot". Our dining room table looks like it'll work pretty well now that we've removed the booth dinette. 

My brother Patrick bought these Lemonade Stand Twinkies for me and I just didn't get a chance to do all the taste tests together that I wanted before it was time for us to hit the road. 

These look like Pink Lemonade to me, so I was trying to think of a good lemonade to compare it to. When we stopped at the Louisburg Apple Cider Mill I saw that they also had different juices and lemonades! Perfect! I can use that for my taste test!

Twinkie the Kid is all set to pour us a glass of pink lemonade. 

The insides are filled with a pink creme. 

Theresa and I have really been looking forward to that Strawberry Lemonade from the Cider Mill. We've made some pretty good homemade lemonade. I remember last year when we made five different homemade flavors for National Lemonade Day, and ours were so good!
This Strawberry Lemonade from the Louisburg Cider Mill however... I mean look at Alli's face. She likes pretty much everything. 

And Ian never holds back when he tastes things. Ugh. I was expecting a lot more out of this lemonade. 
Looking at the ingredients, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Less than 10% juice, lemon juice concentrate, and strawberry puree. Trying to nail down the problem, it tastes a little sour. Maybe a little more sugar would help. And the lemonade concentrate isn't doing this any favors. 
I paid $2.75 for the half gallon. 

Moving on to the Twinkies. The outside sponge cake tastes the same as it usually does. There's no additional lemonade flavor here. That means it's all in the creme filling. 
The filling does indeed have a lemony flavor to it. It's a light lemon flavor, and it's really personal preference if you'll like it or not. 

Theresa was in the NOT camp, but then she doesn't particularly care for Twinkies in the first place. 
Alli, with her ten fingers but sideways said "They're extremely okay!"
Ian and I both liked the lemon flavor to go along with the Twinkies and gave them a thumbs up. 

But the Strawberry Lemonade? Thumbs down from every single person here. 

I think I'm just going to pour the rest of this back into the container and then throw the container away...
Despite being on the road, Theresa now wants to make her own strawberry lemonade because of the disappointment with this one.  

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  1. How disappointing that the much-anticipated Strawberry Lemonade from the Cider Mill was "yucky!" Yes, Ian's & Alli's expression described the taste best! Looks like Alli comes up with some catchy descriptions like Theresa does at times..."They're extremely okay" brought a little smile to my face :-) At least the Lemonade Stand Twinkies were edible for some of the family :-) EOM