Monday, May 4, 2020

National Lemonade Day - May 3rd

Today is National Lemonade Day! We love lemonade, and especially making it ourselves. We made it ourselves back when we made our own Chick-Fil-A at home, but that gallon is long gone. To celebrate National Lemonade Day we've got to make more.
But what's the best way to have lemonade? I think that's a better question and more in line with the types of taste tests that we do.

And so the kids and I raided the freezer for whatever frozen fruit we could find. Together we made Blueberry Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Regular Lemonade, Pineapple Lemonade, and Cherry Lemonade. Which one will reign supreme?

As always the kids were excited to come help with anything in the kitchen.

I measured out 5 glasses worth of lemonade and had the kids pour it into the blender. Ian chose to blend the pineapple and cherry lemonades.

Alli carefully poured lemonade into the blender.

And she chose to add strawberries and blueberries. Once they were completed, she was super happy because hers turned out pink (strawberry) and purple (blueberry).

When I asked the kids to get ready for a picture, Alli ran off to change shirts. It's yellow, just like the lemonade.

Theresa grabbed the kids some "tooth-pick holder" glasses, She measured out 2 tablespoons of a flavor and we all sampled them together.

Alli, which one should we try first? Cherry!

The kids were very intent on their tasting.

Everyone thought the lemonade tasting was a great idea for today.

Time to pick our favorites.
Chi - 1st Cherry, 2nd Strawberry
Richard - 1st Cherry, 2nd Strawberry
Theresa - 1st Strawberry, 2nd Cherry
Joe - 1st Strawberry, 2nd Pineapple
Ian - 1st Strawberry, 2nd Pineapple

Alli, what about you?
Alli - All of them!

Given the voting, I think that puts Strawberry Lemonade in First place overall with Cherry coming in a close second.

Afterwards we started getting creative with the leftovers.
Pineapple and Strawberry - Delicious!
Strawberry and Blueberry - Great!
All the flavors together - why not?

It's really hard to go wrong with lemonade. What a tasty test!

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  1. That was fun...I was mentally picking strawberry after the flavors were listed :-) What was Ian's favorite since I didn't see his vote? Very intense faces during the taste test by Alli & Ian. I like that bright yellow shirt on Alli...the perfect shade to match the lemon in her hand! The strawberry/blueberry and strawberry/pineapple combinations sound good, too. EOM