Thursday, May 21, 2020

National Strawberry Picking Day - actually we're picking Mulberries - May 20th

Today is National Strawberry Picking Day. Ordinarily we might be able to go to a strawberry farm and actually pick a basket of strawberries, but with this quarantine, we're not all that free to be out and about. Instead, we're going to change that into Mulberry picking day. Close enough for us.

In our neighborhood there's a mulberry bush/tree, and we see it quite often. In January it's just a bunch of branches, but as the year goes on, we see lots of leaves appear.

Finally in May, tiny little buds start appearing. The kids get excited because they know that fresh mulberries are right around the corner.

We've received permission from the owner to pick berries, so on bike rides we'll take a peek over the fence and see if there's any ripe berries. Usually there's only one or two, but as the month has gone on, we're starting to see more.

Finally we're seeing a lot more appear on the mulberry bush. We asked the owners if we could come into their yard to get a few more that we couldn't reach from the sidewalk, and got permission. Butterflies are certainly enjoying their garden.

I brought a step stool to make sure I could reach the berries up high. Ian and Alli were good to get the berries down low.

It's still early in the season, but there were enough to fill some small containers.

Ha! Yeah buddy. Me too. These berries's juices definitely stain your fingers.

Excellent work mulberry pickers!

Looks like we got some good ones!

This little girl loves her mulberries.
Alli - Mommy can I have 10 more?

Wow, Mommy gave her a lot!

Since it's the beginning of the season, and we expect to get some more later, Theresa is going to freeze about half of this batch. Perhaps a mulberry smoothie soon?


  1. I've only had the dried white mulberries...never had these colorful fresh ones, but they definitely stain your fingers (like blueberries!) Kind of the neighbor to let the family pick a bunch inside their yard after you very respectfully asked for permission first :-) Frozen mulberries for a smoothie sounds refreshing, especially with summer right around the corner. EOM

    1. I've never had white mulberries before. Didn't know they even existed. There's white mulberries on this bush too, but it just means they aren't ripe yet. And we're very thankful to be able to go pick them.