Sunday, May 3, 2020

Ian and Alli make their own lunch

Alli and Ian both woke up on the right side of the bed today. They started off the morning saying they wanted to be super helpful today. After helping fold laundry, pick up the house, and organize a few closets, they decreed that they would make lunch all by themselves.

Kids are always watching. They went to their table and wrote up a few possible recipes/menus that they could have for lunch.

Ian walks us through their menus.

Afterwards they headed into the kitchen and turned on a few recipe videos for even more inspiration.

I pulled up a step-stool and they washed off some vegetables.

Instead of using the kitchen counters, I think it'll be a little easier for them to reach things if we use their play area tables.

Ah, but we need to modify our menu Ian. This says Brocley (Broccoli).

We've got cucumbers instead of broccoli today.

They sauced up their bread. Ian with ketchup and Alli with a little mayo.

And a little cheese.

Topped off with slices of ham and they're good to go!

Okay, a little bit of instruction as they use the knife to cut a cucumber.

We'll keep working on it.

They can even get their own drink.

A perfect lunch made completely by them! Nice work kids!

Their menu calls for a Samwich, tomato, and cucumbers.

Looks like they did a pretty good job.

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  1. Big step for the kids to make their very own lunch...great effort by Ian & Alli! the menu mixture of protein, grain, dairy, and colorful vegetables/fruit :-) Such great helpers around household chores...envy of any parent! EOM