Saturday, May 9, 2020

M&Ms Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

It's a warm day in Southern California, a perfect day for a treat. I've got a bunch of taste tests ready to go, just waiting for inspiration, and today we did find inspiration.

Looks like a tasty treat.

And here's our inspiration today. We're at home pretty much all the time, but we do don our masks every day and go out for a bike ride. We happened upon this tree with these rocks underneath. Some of those are awful cute, but the kids really liked the M&Ms rocks.

Really cute.

I had a bag of snack-size M&Ms to open up to taste with the sandwiches, and Alli commented that the colors on the snack pack are the same as the rocks they chose today. Very good observation Alli. You guys chose well today.

Checking out the back of the box. "Melts In Your Mouth and In Your Hand".
Oh, and we should try the other M&M Ice Cream Cones too.

Show me those rocks again guys. They actually picked opposite colors. Red-shirted Alli chose the blue M&M. Blue-shirted Ian chose the red M&M.

Alright, time to eat! I split the sandwiches in half and gave everyone a few M&Ms.

How are they?

The kids both thought they were delicious. I agree with them. They're yummy. The cookie is pretty good, the ice cream is good, and the occasional crunchy frozen M&M candy makes it all even better.
Theresa thinks this is her second favorite ice cream sandwich, behind the Nestle Toll House Ice Cream sandwiches.
Good stuff!

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  1. That is a delicious ice cream treat...vanilla ice cream between 2 cookies with the M&M baked in...perfect for a warm day (or any day!) But I'll second Theresa's comment on the Nestle Toll House Ice Cream Sandwich being the best :-)...just can't beat those chocolate chip cookies, especially when ice cream is sandwiched in between. Adorable art rocks...the M&M ones are so rich in color. EOM