Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Relaxing in Bora Bora Day 7 and 8 - 2020/02/12

Our Bora Bora trip is starting to wind down. There's just a couple days left before it's time to head back home.

Breakfast was delicious as always. For today, along with all the other breakfast things I've been getting, I chose pancakes, but instead of syrup, I'm dipping them in Pineapple and Strawberry jelly. I can't remember a time having pineapple jelly before, but it was tropical and it tasted delicious.

Theresa asked for an omelet, and what she got back was a huge! The chef used a ladle and this thing must be 4 eggs at least. In the next couple days, we'd specify that we only wanted a small omelet. 

And knowing how much we were enjoying feeding the fish, the servers brought us a large cup full of fish food, instead of the smaller dish it usually came in.

And the fish certainly love it. They swim over the top of each other with their mouths open, just hoping something falls into it.

The weather is gorgeous today.

Our time back in the room was relaxing. Here's a look out towards our deck.

And one of the great parts of the room is that these doors to the deck swing open all the way, allowing the beautiful views to be enjoyed even during the hottest parts of the day from the comfort of inside the bungalow.

After the hottest part of the day was over, Theresa and I lathered up with sunblock, grabbed our snorkel gear, and headed over to the lagoon.

Fenced in, but still connected to the ocean is this lagoon.

This is what we're looking at when we're eating our breakfast every morning. There's plenty of fish here to view while snorkeling.

It's actually a fairly large lagoon, with a few inlets, a pontoon in the middle, and items that have been sunk, like totem poles in the shape of a heart, that you might discover while exploring.

Hi Theresa!

Looking towards the wedding chapel.

One of the things I was hoping to see on this trip were those colorful clams, like we saw when we were in Moorea back in 2010. Here in this lagoon they were spread out, but we did manage to see a few. It brought back good memories. 

As we were looking at the clams, suddenly Theresa got my attention and told me to look at the eel. I was looking below me for those little snake-like eels you occasionally see. She directed me further away to this one swimming by which must have been 4 feet long. Wow!
The photos from this underwater camera are just okay. They all require a little bit of post-processing.

This is what the eel photo above looked like straight out of the camera.

The lagoon was filled with interesting fish.

A coral nursery.

And these yellow fish always seem to travel in pairs.

There were even anemones.

After a fun swim, it was time for dinner. Tonight we're dining on dehydrated lasagna, Ritz crackers, and cheese. Add in some tasty island juice and it was a delicious meal.

And before bed, we made sure to FaceTime the kids. They're doing just fine hanging out with their grandparents.

The next morning, breakfast was more of the same. It's nice there's so much variety here. Truly one of the best hotel buffet breakfasts I've had.
There's been plenty of fruit to choose from, and every day there is something unique. Like that reddish apple looking thing in the center of the plate. What is that?

Ah, that's lychee. I remember sampling that in Hawaii on a plantation tour. Didn't like it then. Don't like it now.

Tomorrow Theresa and I fly back home. After breakfast we walked around and explored the grounds a little more. Here's a look from the other side of the check-in desks.

Outside the lagoon and in the open sea, there's a few more things to explore. These over-water rope hammocks looked inviting. I would have spent some time in them, but there was no shade.

There's a lot more spiky sea urchins over here as well. Researching the name for it, this would be called a herd of sea urchins.

Over at the turtle sanctuary, it was really cool being able to see these sea turtles up close. The water was particularly clear in this section, You can see the turtle's shadow on the sea floor.

Back at the bungalow, there's even more sea life. Another pair of stingrays were cruising under our deck.

And throughout the day, we'd see shadows in the water, look closer, and see more sting rays.

Time to start on the last of our snacks. These chewy caramel Tim Tams were tasty.

And also time to relax. On this trip, I got through quite a few books. With all day to read, I was able to get through A Twisted Tale - Whole New World, Skyward, Starsight (Skyward Book 2), Artemis Fowl (in preparation for the new movie coming out), and The Burning White (Lightbringer series Book 5).
Nice that they can all fit onto one waterproof Kindle.

Later in the day, we'd enjoy our floats for the last time. Having the floats has been an enjoyable part of this vacation.

Before dinner, Theresa and I took another walk around the resort.

Our footprints in the sand.

Writing this in May 2020, who would have thought we'd be where we are today. It's a good thing we celebrated our anniversary a little early.

For our last dinner, we're dining of spicy ramen, Ritz crackers, Pringles, and Tim Tams for dessert. Yum!

Oh come on Pringles. This is a brand new can.

Why is it only filled up to here?

Never-the-less, dinner was delicious. Our goal of having a large breakfast, snacks during the day, and dinner we make in our bungalow has worked out very well.

Tomorrow we fly home!


  1. You two must of had a "sad" feeling knowing that the SUPER WONDERFUL trip was ending and flying home the next day...but I'm sure all the fond memories of the past week popped up unexpectedly to lift your spirits, even as you waved good-bye (and even today when you reminisce). Nature's colors can be so sky, clear aqua water, and those unexpected colors adorning the sea creatures (that was such a rich blue on that one clam, and those yellow, fluorescent-looking fish...amazing) Yikes...long eel!! That was a really nice picture of you two as the sun was setting in the background...also, Theresa's eyes had an extra sparkle in that one, too :-) So fortunate you two enjoyed Bora Bora before this pandemic hit (what timing!)...hard to imagine that ~1 month after your return you had to "lock down." Think Pringles gave new meaning to the phrase, "contents may settle during shipment" :-) EOM

    1. Indeed. It was a sad time leaving. But as you mention, we'll always have our stories. Even now, whenever I tell the kids I got the latest story up, they want me to read it to them.