Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Making White Castle at Home!

Tonight's meal is White Castle. Since White Castle is mostly an East Coast chain, I only get it when I'm visiting family. And yes, I know the Sliders come in the freezer section, but it's just not the same.
And so today, in our continuing quest to make fast food meals at home, we're making those White Castle gut bombs sliders in our own kitchen.
For me, it started the day before, getting the hamburger meat prepared. I added a half cup of beef stock to a pound of hamburger, along with a little salt and pepper.

Next I got out my rolling pin, and used some of my smallest spacers on it. Seriously, I think these are an 1/8" (0.125") thick.

Once they were flat enough, I scored them with a knife, added holes with a bamboo skewer, and put them in the freezer overnight. It's crazy how many patties I got out of 1 pound of meat. I think it was something in the neighborhood of 30 burgers.

And it wouldn't be the real experience if we didn't have some of the paperware to go with it. Using the logo, I made up this model of a box in photoshop.
 A few clips here, a fold there, a little glue, and presto, there's a box! I made a few smaller ones, and one great big one.

The next day it was time to get cooking. I diced 2 onions just about as fine as I could. Added a little salt and some hot water to them.

I broke out the big griddle for this one. I put a bed of onions down along with a little water. Look at all that steam.

Time for some burgers. These are nicely frozen after a night in the freezer. There's 5 holes in it, just like a real White Castle.

Really? This thin?

I spread the burgers across the bed of onions I topped it with the buns, directly on top of the raw hamburger. It'll get hot enough to kill any bugs.

Afterwards I covered things with a sheet of foil, to make sure everything got nice and hot, and to help things cook a little faster.

Let's check on them. Oh yeah, things are looking good.
I donned my White Castle hat and a blue shirt.
Welcome to White Castle!

To go along with our Sliders, we're having fries and cheese sticks. Crinkle Fries because that's the kind you'll get at White Castle. And Cheese Sticks because I always get a sack of those from White Castle too.

The kids helped me make cups to go along with our meal. And there's our boxes.

Smile kids!

If I didn't know any better, I would say that's a meal from White Castle.

Can't forget that pickle inside. I like how my little boxes turned out.

Using one of them for the cheese sticks too.

My plate tonight. It's not a full Crave Case (30 Sliders) but it looks tasty.

A closer look at one of the burgers.


I think the thickness is just about right. There's hardly any meat on these burgers.

I ended up with quite a few extra patties. Guess I can make a quadruple burger.

Everyone thought it was tasty. Ian had 2 burgers along with fries and cheese sticks, and Alli had 1 burgers, fries, and a cheese stick. Rich and Chi came over and tried them too, thinking they were tasty.
If I were to do it again, I would find something other than Hawaiian Rolls for the buns. It adds a sweetness that doesn't come with the original burgers. Otherwise, I think it was a pretty good attempt!

When you're done, you can even stack the boxes together.


  1. Nice cap and blue "uniform"...your order please? :-) You're doing a great job making those boxes with the logos, and the logo colors look great against white. Even though the rolls weren't like the usual buns, one has to admit the Hawaiian rolls are great tasting, even by themselves. Never knew about the 5 holes in the burger (never had a White Castle). An original double-double decker creation :-) Wonderful job recreating a White Castle meal! EOM

    1. I might have to redo this one with different buns, but you're right, it's good with sweet buns too.