Saturday, May 23, 2020

Saturday Morning Breakfast - Vitantonio Mickey Mouse Waffler

We've got a special treat today. During the clean-up of their house, a friend of mine came across this old Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker and asked if we'd like to have it. I know a couple of kids who happen to love Disney, so yes! Absolutely!

This waffle maker by Vitantonio is 25+ year old.

A look at the top.

But it's the insides that's special. Both plates have a Mickey face on them.

And there's no LEDs or light bulbs here to let you know it's hot. Instead there's this glass bead.

When the Waffle Iron is plugged in, it shows you the orange glowing coils underneath the plate.

I'm hungry! Let's eat!

Theresa felt like making Chocolate Chip Waffles this morning. After making sure the plates were properly oiled, these Mickey waffles turned out great!

And with just 1 strawberry, you can turn that Mickey waffle into a Minnie waffle.

The ears are particularly good at collecting butter and syrup.

What do you think Ian?

I think the Mickey waffle maker is going to be a big hit! Oh, and they both ran off and put on Mickey and Minnie shirts because they saw what they were eating. Never mind that it's 5 months to Halloween.

Ian gobbled his up quickly. This Mickey Mouse Waffler is going to be a tasty addition to our kitchen!


  1. What a hidden treasure, unearthed during a friend's house cleaning! That Mickey Mouse waffle maker is so WONDERFUL...can definitely see a lot of fun meals with it (and not just for breakfast!) An inaugural delight with chocolate chips, no less...great idea. Like how that strawberry was perfectly made into a Minnie Mouse bow...and like how the kids dressed to celebrate and enjoy their first homemade MM waffle :-) EOM

    1. It was a very surprising but a very welcome find!

  2. We have the same one from 25 years ago but can’t find the recipe book ? Did you also find the recipes ? Thanks

    1. Unfortunately mine was a gift and I didn't get a recipe booklet with it. I just used store bought waffle mix in mine.