Monday, May 25, 2020

Kids Second Taste Test - Orey-ems versus Kissey-Os

The kids were all excited to tell me about their second taste test that they've come up with. This time they're combining Oreos and honey with either M&Ms, calling them Orey-ems (Oreo Honey M&Ms, or Hershey's Kisses, calling them Kissey-Os (Kisses Honey Oreos). It was either Kissey-Os or Orey-isses. Mommy thought Kissey-Os sounded better.

It starts with Oreos. The Mega Stuf Oreos were preferred to the regular Oreos.

Take off the tops and set them aside.

Alli placed a dollop of honey on the top of one.

Ian tore open a bag of M&Ms and placed a few on two of the cookies. I think I see Alli tasting a stray M&M.

For the comparison, Alli is unwrapping Hershey's kisses.

And the other two cookies get a Hershey's kiss on top.

Mommy - Alli, I think this is just an excuse to eat a lot of candy.

The tops go back on the cookies. Now it's time to eat them.

A look at the Kissey-Os

And a look at the Orey-ems. Just dripping with honey.

It's quite a mess to eat.

But it was a hit! In the end, they liked the Kissey-Os best. And they are excited to do a kids taste test every week!


  1. That was fun...I like the color from the M&M addition in the Orey-ems. Wonder how they managed to keep the cookie half on top to eat the Kissey-Os! Got a good laugh when Mommy said, "Just an excuse to eat a lot of candy!" :-) :-) Alli & Ian are having super lots of fun creating their own taste tests! As a related thought: I read where someone took an Oreo cookie half(creme removed) and put peanut butter on it, to get an "Oreo chocolate-peanut butter" treat...something to try if the whole Oreo isn't used in future taste test creations by the kids. EOM

    1. I'm going to have to direct their tastes tests a little more in the future. I think I'll pull them into a few more kitchen things that they can "own".
      That's an interesting take on an Oreo. Perhaps we'll have a chance in the future to try them with peanut butter.