Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Making PF Changs at Home!

I'm really enjoying this At Home series, with all the variety that we've been able to make.
Today, we're doing another sit-down place. PF Changs!

Theresa was the main driver behind this one, and she's got lots of things planned. There's a few dishes that we always get when we're there, so we're going to do our best to recreate them at home.
First up, there's a delicious spicy sauce that comes with their Crispy Tempura Green Beans. I've got to have that sauce if we're making those green beans. I always ask for double sauce since it's so good.

Next, there's sweet cream cheese wontons. A slight modification to this one. I don't like fishy flavor, and neither do the kids. This filling will only be cream cheese and powdered sugar.

Together, Theresa and I wrapped up wontons with the very tasty filling.

The other thing I always order is Changs Spicy Chicken. Theresa is making the sauce that goes with it.

The stovetop is working at full force.

After frying up the wontons, it was time to make tempura. Theresa found a recipe online, which said the batter needed to be very cold. The batter was a mixture of flour, corn starch, salt, an egg, and club soda.

The first couple needed a little modifications. The batter was a bit too thin. After thickening it with some flour, these are looking great!

Might be my first time making tempera. I'm getting a lot of experience frying things these days.


The bits of chicken were dusted with quite a bit of corn starch and then pan-fried. The sauce is looking good after thickening a bit.

Combining the delicious Spicy Changs sauce with the fried chicken.

This is going to be good!

Dinner is served and it's looking so good.

There's the Chang's Spicy Chicken.

Our Crispy tempura green beans, along with a spicy dipping sauce.

Fried Rice.

And those tasty cream cheese wontons.

But those half-moon wontons don't quite look like PF Changs' wontons. We only have round wrappers, but I'll make it work.

Pretty close. They're delicious no matter what shape they take.

That is a good looking plate.

Everyone really enjoyed their meal tonight.

And those fried green beans, so good.

I might be making these more often.

Those bowls up above were pretty full. We ate it all. I only left the wonton and green bean there for the photos, just to show what was in the bowl. Thirty seconds later, both of them were gone.

Theresa was amazed that we ate it all. Great job Theresa! This was a well received meal.

There is one thing though that you don't have to deal with when you're eating out.

The dishes.

The kitchen was a bit of a mess. Since everything had to come together at the same time, it was a rush to get everything out to the table quickly. The mess in the kitchen could wait.

But, teamwork makes the dream work. Between me and Theresa, within 15 minutes, we had everything cleaned up and looking good again.


  1. Huh...15 minutes to clean up that kitchen after cooking up the feast?...AMAZING quick job, especially since a lot of oily things were involved! That was quite a feast Theresa orchestrated...everything looks as if it could have been from the restaurant! I never heard of sweet cream cheese wontons...only familiar with the pork or vegetable fillings...looks like many variations are possible and still have the yummy factor :-) EOM

    1. It was a mess to clean, but still totally worth it.
      Indeed, there's lots of different things we can do, and have made with the wontons. We'll be exploring those in the weeks to come too.