Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday Morning Cereals - Tropical Froot Loops

Happy Saturday! It's time for another cereal taste test! 

Today we're having what Alli considers to be her favorite cereal, Froot Loops, but this time they've changed things around and they've got all tropical!

What tropical flavors are there? Pineapple, Banana, Orange, and Mango. Mmm. 
And since normally we compare things to what they're trying to represent, I bought real fruits for us to compare it all against. 
See there, it's got all the fruits right on the box. 

And I love that Toucan Sam is wearing a Hawaiian shirt that has all the different fruits on it. 

The kids looked at the fruits and then looked at the Froot Loops. Why are there only 3 colors? 
I don't really know. Ultimately I think they decided that the banana one was left out. 

The back of the box has a lot of stuff going on, exactly like a cereal box should. 

While I'm cutting up fruit, Theresa is stealing pieces. 

Our platter of fruit is ready. 

The kids working their way through one of the mazes. 

Well look who is joining us. 
Theresa - Why can't you do more taste tests like this? You are always getting weird stuff to try. 

Giving the cereal the sniff test. Ultimately I think she decided to skip the cereal and just eat the fruit. 

Gram thought the cereal was okay. We're trying to figure out if the different color loops were different flavors, but decided that no, they pretty much all tasted the same. 

So if I closed my eyes and guessed at what the cereal tasted like, I probably wouldn't guess tropical. It's a generic fruity cereal, but I'm missing that flavor that I really associate with the islands. 

The fruit on the other hand... who knew you could get some pretty decent tropical fruit in the middle of Colorado. Theresa said I did a great job picking out the mango, and I agree! I don't usually like mango, but this one tasted pretty good! 

And the pineapple was very yellow, so I knew it should be super sweet. I was right! 

Fruit smiles!

What's the verdict guys? First tell me how you like the fruit. 
Big thumbs up on the fruit, with special awards for the orange and mango. That was their favorite today. 

And the cereal? 
Neither of them cared for the cereal. I'm not sure why they didn't care for it since it's just a generic fruit cereal, but they make up their own minds on things and this one they didn't like. 

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  1. Cute fruit smiles for the delicious fruit platter :-) A ripe mango is a favorite of mine (but can get messy when it's too ripe!) That pineapple looks refreshingly sweet, too. What a colorful Toucan Sam with that colorful Hawaiian those rich colors on him. Even the cereal box's back was colorful with its fun games. Too bad the cereal didn't deliver on the tropical least the cereal box was tropical looking and colorful. EOM