Sunday, November 27, 2022

Pizza at Home - Utah Funeral Potato Pizza

This week we are in Utah! When I looked up what kinds of dishes Utah was famous for, I kept seeing something called funeral potatoes. Funeral potatoes, also known as cheesy potatoes, are a staple for social gatherings for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

These warm cheesy potatoes with a crunchy topping are a tasty casserole and are simple to throw together. Can it work on a pizza? Let's try it out! 

I found a good recipe for Funeral Potatoes, which called for a can of cream of chicken soup. You can buy one, but this site said it was just as easy to make it too, with ingredients you probably already had. Sure enough, I checked out the recipe and I did! Just combine milk, butter, chicken bouillon, corn starch and other spices to a pot. 

Bring it to a boil and it will thicken up. I tasted it, and it was delicious! 

For our cheesy funeral potatoes, first we're going to need a cream sauce. That'll consist of butter, sour cream, pepper, onion powder, and salt. 

Once that all came together, I just needed some frozen shredded potatoes and sharp cheddar cheese. 

All that gets mixed together. 

I'm going to need a bigger bowl!

That is going to make a whole lot of potatoes!

I don't carry a casserole dish in the RV, so I used a cookie sheet covered with parchment instead. 

That baked for 40 minutes in my oven at 350F to cook the potatoes. 

I pre-baked a thin crust pizza dough to make the crust crispy, and spread the cooked potatoes onto it. 

That cooked a little further in the oven to get a little color on top. 

Then comes the crunchy topping! I mixed corn flakes with butter, then spread that on top of pizza to cook a little further. 

It came out of the oven crispy and smelling fantastic!

That is a crunchy pizza! 

Do Funeral Potatoes work on a pizza? Absolutely! It takes a dish that you have to eat with a fork, and turns it into something that is handheld! I might have added a little bit too many corn flakes on top because they were falling off and made it a bit messy. But it was delicious!

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  1. That was a creative Funeral Potato pizza...the potatoes, themselves, after baking in the tray looked tasty already! Maybe a little less corn flakes next time :-) :-) Looks like a yummy pizza creation that day. EOM