Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Ponderosa Falls RV in Washington - 2022/08/09-16

It's been a busy time while we've been hanging out in Washington. Now it's time to start heading East. Goodbye Tall Chief RV! Thank you for all the blackberries!

Sorry critters, we've got to go. I saw this guy hanging out by the water spigot as I was disconnecting. 

And there was a giant slug that was hanging out on our stabilizing blocks, wanting to come with. Sorry friend. You'll have to stay here. 

Our drive today will take us to the east side of Washington. 

All the way to Ponderosa Falls RV Resort. 

Some very blue water, which I think is the "Falls" part of the RV resort. 

The Ponderosa part are these giant pine trees that are all around. Theresa got us checked in while I waited with the kids. 

It's beautiful here!

Surrounded by all these giant pine trees. We don't really have any plans while we're here. There's no National Parks or other notable sights we're here for. It's meant to be a "slow" week where we can recharge a little bit before the next big push. 

After we arrived, Theresa was going to head out to grab groceries, but called me to take a look at the truck. Hmm. Our back left tire is supposed to be at 80 psi but is down to 56 psi. 

Good thing I carry an air compressor and hose in the truck. I inspected it, but couldn't see anything protruding that would indicate a leak. I pumped it back up to 80 psi and T was good to go! 
The next morning however, when we went to leave, the truck again showed that that tire was low. Bummer. Guess we've got to figure that out while we're here. Let's head into town. 

And over to Chuck E Cheese! We are visiting so many different Chuck E Cheese locations all across the US now! 

And look who else decided to drive out this way! We just saw Jacob near Seattle. Now he's driven the same way and is at a hotel just a few miles away!
And can you believe, it's his first time at a Chuck E Cheese! 

Gotta get a picture with the mouse!

Going to all these different Chuck E Cheese stores, we see lots of variety in the games. Like Dizzy Chicken. 

Or the basketball game. 

I'm working on my accuracy and speed. I can palm a ball with both hands, so I can alternate between right hand and left hand shots as long as there are enough basketballs. 

Both Jacob and Ian were able to win the jackpot on Stacker. It helped inspire one of the computer coding projects that I did with the kids. We coded our own Stacker game! 

And there's lots of different prizes they could get with their ticket winnings, but cotton candy is usually their favorite. Along with small candies. This CEC had a Jumbo cotton candy with 3 different flavors!


After hanging out at CEC, we drove a short distance down the street to a tire shop named Tire-Rama. Theresa and I were concerned about having to buy a new tire, but after spending 40 minutes looking at the tire, they suspected it was a dirty bead seal that was leaking. They cleaned it up, aired it up, and we were good to go! 

Back at the RV park, Jacob came over to join us for dinner. Afterwards we went for a walk and explored a little bit. There's a small indoor pool, but this is what really drew the kids eyes. A large paddleboat pool!

Powered by arm muscles. 

Shame there was a 60 pound weight limit, otherwise I could have hopped in and raced them. They had fun. 

Taking a spin on the swings. 

Go ahead Jacob. 

Let's have dessert! Ian's been wanting s'mores for a little while, but the places we've gone have had either burn bans or no fire pits. We used the oven and it worked perfect! Well this hasn't been as relaxing as we were expecting, but let's hope it gets better. 

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  1. Now that's a gooey s'mores photo :-) Beautiful tall pine trees at the RV Park...wonderful setting to recharge (but sounds like a few bumps along the way). Uncle Jacob again! fun for everyone to see he can say he's been to a Chuck E Cheese (that's one more visit than me :-) ) Some nice coordination to deftly palm basketballs in your left and right hands and shoot them accurately into the hoop. Tire issues...UGH! (I've had my share of flats and one partially shredded tire!) Those paddle boats look like a lot of fun...never seen one powered by arms, have only seen the feet-powered ones...definitely worked those arm muscles for Alli & Ian. EOM