Saturday, November 19, 2022

Valley View RV in Idaho - 2022/08/21-26

It's been a fun visit to Glacier National Park in Montana, but it's time to get moving on. 

It's hard to believe we've made 25 stops already this year since leaving Florida. We've put a lot of miles on the truck. 

This has to be the biggest disparity between the regular speed limit and the truck speed limit. It was coming down a hill with a steep grade. 

The Montana Mountains have been beautiful. 

Crossing the Continental Divide in Montana at 6393' in elevation. And seeing what I think is a trailer outside a shop that is shaped like a giant boombox. 

I pulled up "Wild Montana Skies" by John Denver to listen to while we drove. 

Leaving Montana. Welcome to Idaho! 

And now that we're here and staying, we can count this state! Ian and Alli are filling up their map! 

Here's our location for the next few days. Valley View RV! It was an interesting spot. It seemed to be a laundromat, with lots of washers and dryers. Even the counter for checking in was the same counter as the laundromat. Guess they found something that works for them with all this land. 

I pulled up and a guy hopped in a golf cart and directed us to follow him. 

Our spot. A nice easy pull-through. 

Away from most things, near the storage. 

The only issue I had was that at the end of each site was a tree that blocked the turn to get onto the road. And the RVs on the site across are parked right against it, meaning I can't swing too wide. Well that's for future Joe to deal with. Maybe things will change in a few days. 

Gotta add our Idaho sticker since we're staying overnight here. 

The kids making friends with the local wildlife. 

They have a playground! 

Within walking distance was a convenience store with quite the selection of Idaho specific items. 

Potato lotion for $16? 

Oh. It's the last ingredient and only a pinch. So just like regular lotion. 

Ah, here's something we can try! An Idaho Spud! We'll have to try this while we're here. 

The Valley View RV building had a pretty good gameroom! Like a skeeball game!

Ping pong!

And even bowling! 
Yes, that is Jacob! He's traveling this year too and we're exploring together! 

If we had free time and home, I sent the kids outside to play on the playground. I could see them from the window and they loved it. 

Making their own obstacle court. 

And I liked how dark it got at night! The stars came out and we could see the Milky Way! I left my nice camera in Colorado so all I could get was shots from my phone. 
Idaho is great and all, but we're really here for something else that's nearby. We'll head there next!

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  1. No light pollution to hinder the night sky showing off its stuff...beautiful seeing so many stars against the dark sky. First time seeing skee-ball & bowling in an RV game fun!...looks like a traveling family friend joined in the fun, too :-) Curious what the "Idaho Spud" bar really is...will have to wait for that unveil. At least the laundromat offers a convenient opportunity to wash any big things that don't easily fit into a regular or compact washer/dryer. Would be really neat if that "boombox" trailer was hooked up to a jukebox or equivalent...put in the coin and choose the music! EOM