Friday, November 25, 2022

Exploring Salt Lake City and Sun Outdoors RV - 2022/08/26-31

Yellowstone has been incredible! We've had an amazing time! But now it's time to go. There's more of the US to see! 

You might remember when I pulled into this location I was concerned about the trees at the end of each spot. Well instead of going forward to leave, I decided to put it in reverse and back it out. That worked much better! 

Our travels today will be taking us south and into Utah. 

That's right. Utah! 

Kids, you've got another new state! We've closed out the whole western United States! 

Our stop today is the Great Sun Outdoors RV Park in Salt Lake City. 

It's a nice spot with all the hookups and nice level pads. Except about 30 minutes after we arrived the water stopped working. I went outside and discovered the hose I had hooked up had been unscrewed. Hmm. A short time later someone in a golf cart drove around and handed us this. 

A boil water notice? E.coli in the water supply? That's not good. 

Well here it is, a Friday and we're having to tape off our water sources. Teeth brushing, hand washing, and other such things will need to be with bottled water. And we'll need to make sure that showers don't get water in our mouths or eyes.  

Let's go burn some energy at the playground. 

And guess who else is here. Jacob! Near the campground is a great walking path! The sunsets were gorgeous!

We went on many walks during the evenings we were around. 

PictureThis said this was Bottle Gourd. We love fruiting plants! Especially wild ones! 

Over the weekend, sigh... Yes, I know. 

It's the end of the summer season and some places are doing deals. I've wanted a grill of some sort for the RV and Theresa found a great price for a smoker! 

We broke it in by making steaks! Yum! 

What should we do? How about Chuck E Cheese! 

They have a really interesting kid ride. 

The kids are getting good practice on some of these games! Nice jackpot Alli! 

This is like a hamster wheel! 

Ian was so tired after a round on this!

As a welcome gift for signing up, we got personal pizzas for the kids. Perfect for lunch! 

They have new games we haven't seen. This one is like an electrical shock (really just high vibrations) and you hold on as long as you can. 

Ian wanted to give it a try. Theresa is practicing her skills on Quik Drop. 

Smoke comes out of the top when you win! 

Hi Chuck! He came around giving out candy today!

Practicing Dizzy Chicken. 

And winning the jackpot. 

Ian is getting the jackpot too!

I won this Super Star game 3 times! 

There's not a lot of room for that star to go through. It looks like it should fit easily, but looks can be deceiving. 

Luigi's Mansion doesn't earn any tickets but the kids had fun vacuuming up ghosts. 

Watching the TV and recognizing some of the places we've been.
Ian - That's Half Dome! 
Yes it is! 

It's hot here. We've got to cool down. 

Ian - Do they have a pool? 
They do! Let's go hop in it! 

Relaxing in the shade. 

Listening to Theresa play her guitar. 

Popsicles are great on a hot day! 
Thankfully after 4 days of the boil water notice, it was finally lifted. 

Before we left, we took a quick drive through downtown Salt Lake City. It was late on our last night here, so things were closed and we didn't get out of the car. 

Just driving around and seeing what we see. 
We also took a trip to the Great Salt Lake, but I'll post that on a separate write-up. 

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  1. Convenient setup for parking the RV but unfortunate about the water situation...looks like everyone was very careful and didn't get sick during the showering moments. Look at those steaks with the new smoker...juicy and looking perfect with those grill marks. What a Chuck E Cheese family...excelling at the various games...Ian had quite the intense, concentrated look during Luigi's Mansion. Having a swimming pool when it's in the 90's is a great way to cool off and/or be serenaded w/ guitar music while beside the pool! EOM