Friday, November 25, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We were so fortunate to be up in Michigan with Theresa's family to celebrate!

It's great when all the college age kids who are away get to come back home for Thanksgiving. I went to pick up Abby from the airport and as I was heading out the door, these two yelled "Picking up Abby? I want to come too!" 

And we were so glad that Austin was able to make it home for Thanksgiving, especially Ian. Austin's college football team made playoffs and he's the backup quarterback. Having a game on Saturday means they've got practice Thursday and Friday. Nevertheless, Austin made the 3 hour drive after practice on Thursday to come be with us, and will be driving 3 hours back to make Friday practice. 

So thankful for his sacrifice because it's really good to see him. 

The three siblings. 

I told them to stand up straight for their picture and suddenly everyone grew 3 inches. 

Grandpa and Grammy! 

The kids love having everyone together to play games with. They do have some weird Disney Apples to Apples connection going on though. The card everyone is trying to match might be "Beautiful" and people will play Cinderella's Castle, Belle, or Fireworks. Alli will play "moustache" and of course Ian will pick that one. Not saying a mustache isn't beautiful, but they pick the silly answer instead of the more appropriate answer. 

Gathering everyone together to start the meal. All the families were responsible for providing a few dishes, so no one had to spend the entire day in the kitchen to get ready. 

That's a good looking plate Ian. A little bit of everything. 


Ian was very excited for olives. After filling up his fingers, he got another 7 more!

My first plate. Tyler received a smoked turkey from his work and it was phenomenal. Smoked turkey from the Greenburg Smoked Turkey company might become the new Thanksgiving standard here!

Two tables to accommodate everyone here. 

Glad Don and Rich picked up this second table so we're not trying to eat a big Thanksgiving plate on the couch. Plus it made us feel more together. 

There's pie? Alli wanted a slice of pumpkin pie. Want whipped cream? Yes? 

I got you Alli. 

Oh my. Those eyes. I thought she would love that much whipped cream. When Ian saw it, he came running in to the kitchen for me to make him a slice just like it. 

After filling our bellies, I don't think playing Twister was on any of the adult's minds. 

Austin's girlfriend came over. 
Ian - <squeezing between the two of them> Can I sit here? 

Even though we've only got a few hours together, it was fun to hang out. 

We've got a lot to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! What a full gathering of the entire family (w/ Austin making that long 3-hr drive to/fro to complete the day!)...such a wonderful time together playing, eating, and talking. Ohhh...Alli's eye expression was priceless when you gave her a "little" too much whipped cream :-) Ian so innocently says, "Can I sit here?", and makes himself comfortable before finishing the question :-) What a day! Always something to be thankful for, regardless of the day (sometimes, we just have to look a little harder :-) ) EOM