Sunday, November 6, 2022

Kids make BINGO at home!

Every once in a while the kids will disappear into their room with directions for us not to come in. Such was the case this time when they went into their room for over an hour. When they emerged, they were excited to share their homemade BINGO game! I'm excited to play! Let's see what you've done!

They've created a few different ways to play, based on the versions we've played at the different RV parks. 

Handing out our BINGO cards. 

I picked my own. There's 15 different cards they created! Hopefully this one is lucky. 

Ian - The BINGO cards took so long!
Joe - How come? 
Ian - Because they're all different. 
Joe - Yeah? How did you make them? 

Turns out they did it an especially clever way! 
First they made slips of paper, 1-100. That's a lot of paper slips! Then they made 5 piles, 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, and 81-100! For every column, they picked 5 slips randomly from the pile and wrote the numbers on the card. That's why you'll see columns with numbers that aren't in numerical order. And that's why the whole thing took so long to make! What a great way to do it!

Ready to play? 

Alli pulled the numbers while Ian called them and held onto the slips that were already used. 

Theresa and I tied on our first game, even with all those different numbers! They had candy prizes for winning too, from their Chuck E Cheese winnings. 
You both did an amazing job tonight making Bingo all by yourselves! And so clever too! I love your creativity!

A few clips from the night. 

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  1. One never knows what Alli's & Ian's brainstorming/creativity lock-ins will produce! That was a really thought-out approach for how to designate the numbers on the BINGO the thinking process and implementation...good job Alli & Ian. EOM