Monday, November 21, 2022

Pizza at Home - Idaho Potato Pizzas - Duchess Potato Pizza with Candied Bacon Pizza, Fried Potato Pizza

Today we are in the state of Idaho! For my pizza this week could there be any other ingredient than the Idaho potato? 

And I wasn't content to make just one pizza featuring potatoes. I wanted to try out two different pizzas and see what happened! And the potatoes of course have to come from the state of Idaho!

Theresa got us started by washing, peeling, and cubing the potatoes. 

Those got boiled, then I combined them with cream, egg yolks, butter, salt, and pepper, following a recipe I found on

No potato masher in the RV, but I can use this pastry cutter I do carry around. It's multipurpose tool that helps make biscuits and guacamole too!

I might have sampled them before they went onto the pizza. Oh wow, these mashed potatoes taste amazing! 

It can't just be potatoes though. Some other complimentary flavor would great! Bacon goes well with potatoes. Candied bacon would be even better! A little brown sugar and black pepper in the pan while I cooked it up would be perfect!


Once it cooled, I spread the pieces of candied bacon on my precooked thin crust pizza dough. 

Added a little sharp cheddar cheese. 

Duchess potatoes are normally piped and baked. I have a ziplock bag, but no piping tips. 

Not bad if I do say so myself. That's a lot of potato!

Before that goes into the pizza oven, I just need to brush it with an egg wash so the tips will brown a bit. 

For my second pizza, like many of my others, it's a loose interpretation of what constitutes a pizza. I boiled some of the potato cubes to pre-cook them, then fried them in hot oil. 

Again I pre-cooked my pizza dough and instead of regular pizza sauce, I spread ketchup on it. 

Topped it with a little mozzarella cheese to hold things together. 

Then spread my potatoes over the top. 

Coming out of the pizza oven, my Duchess Potato pizza looks fantastic! The tips of my piped potatoes got some nice browning on them. 

And the fried potato pizza looks... well, like a pizza with fried potato cubes on it. 

My plate tonight. Gotta have some ketchup to dip it in. 

And Jacob is here with us to sample the potato pizzas too! 

The Duchess Potato Pizza with Candied Bacon was amazing! The potatoes combined with the sweet and savory bacon all worked really well together. I would make this combination again! 

And the fried potato pizza? 

It was about like you'd expect. Fried potatoes on a cracker. I don't know that it really worked that well as a pizza. I wasn't going for complex, but this was just a little too simple. 
Still, the Duchess Potato pizza was a big winner this week. I'm glad it turned out so well!

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  1. That was a lot of patience to pipe all those potatoes into droplets onto the pizza...the brown tips of the piped potatoes reminded me of a meringue pie topping when I do a quick glance from a distance (like in the opening photo)...very pretty looking!...sounds very tasty with that candied bacon adding that little extra flavor...creative idea to add that candied bacon. The other pizza is the no-frills, down-home potato pizza that still sounds tasty and tastes just like its name says it should! EOM