Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Cheetos Popcorn compared to Crunchy Cheetos

Hey Theresa, what's your favorite chip? Cheetos!
Sam's Club has been pretty good lately for finding unique things for our taste test. This time it's Cheetos popcorn!

Inside is regular popcorn but with that neon orange coating.

And like usual for these taste tests, we're comparing it to the original. I asked T which would be considered the original. These Crunchy Cheetos or Cheetos Puffs. Crunchy Cheetos obviously won out.

From the back of the bag, this is what happens When Popcorn Meets Cheetos.

So for this taste test, while I did try it, I'm not voting, because I <shockingly> do not like Cheetos. The popcorn will always win out for me. And it was a tasty cheesy popcorn.
For the votes that mattered, the kids loved both.
Theresa prefers regular Cheetos, saying that the Popcorn isn't bad, but it just tasted like regular cheddar popcorn that you might get in a big Christmas tin.
Richard thought both were great, with the Crunchy Cheetos just edging out the popcorn.

And if there's any question about what Cheetos are known for, the Cheetos dust will come off and stain your fingers.

Theresa has convinced herself that the cheese powder is different on the popcorn compared to the chips. They do have the same ingredients on the back of the package, but perhaps they're different ratio.

So, if you happen to be a fan of Cheetos, why not pick up a bag and see for yourself!


  1. Have you seen that Disney now has flavored ice cream with Edy's and also Mickey Ice Cream sandwiches and Star Wars Ice Cream Sandwiches?

    1. I have seen the ice cream and Mickey ice cream bars! I haven't seen the Star Wars ones though.
      Now I need to see if I can find them in stores!

  2. Have only tried the Cheetos Puffs...they weren't too bad, either, for a "cheese" product (not much of a cheese eater usually) Orange fingers...I remember those times! EOM

    1. For some reason, I don't like the texture of the Cheetos Puff. Same as the Crunchy. It's a texture thing with me for some reason.

    2. Joe, you mean you don’t love the experience of chewing styrofoam coated in radioactive cheese product? You crazy.