Sunday, March 8, 2020

Disneyland with Daddy - Jr Chef Pt 2

It's been a fun day at Disneyland with just me and the kids. There's just a little more time left in our day for something fun!
Last year the kids had a lot of fun doing the Jr Chef show with Goofy. After riding on Radiator Springs Racers, I was intending on taking them on another ride over in the Hollywood Backlot. 
But checking the time (12:30) and checking the event guide, the next Jr Chef is at 1pm. I asked the kids if they wanted to wait and they both said YES!

By 12:42 we were at the front of the line. After they asked if the kids had any allergies, I turned over the kids to Jr Chef Cast Member Robin and found my way to the front of the stage. 

Lots of people saving seats, so the closest I could get was the 4th row. But I remember from last year that parents were allowed to sit in front of the benches as long as they were behind the taped off section. So I gave up my fourth row seat and stood off to the side. Right around 1pm the kids all walked in. I got some video clips and I have a few more photos below.

Moving up front to get a good picture.

First we start off by cleaning our hands.

Today we're making oatmeal raisin cookies. And in our recipe we're using almond flour.

Almost time for the kids to add ingredients.

Ian added a scoop of flour.

While Alli added in baking soda and salt.

Then it all gets mixed together.

After scooping the cookies onto a tray, it all goes into the magical Disney oven. We've got time to play a game! I like how the kids have their names on their hats. It lets the cast members call the kids by name. Ian even got a call-out at 1:05 into the video below.

And magically the Disney oven has baked all the cookies and even wrapped them!

Pose for the camera with Goofy!

Afterwards all the kids were walked over to the holding area. Parents picked them up from there.
I brought the kids back to the front of the stage to get a picture with their treats.

Now we get to eat them! The kids each gave me a bite and it was tasty.

Because we got so little time with Goofy during Jr Chef, we walked over to see Goofy in a character meet and greet.

Smile kids!

While we were waiting for Goofy, another kid in line had a chef hat that he was coloring. The kids really wanted to do that too. Right in front of Monsters Inc are these tables set up for chefs to color their own hats.

After getting their paper hats, stickers, and crayons, they told the kids go sit at their favorite table.

And so Ian went one way and Alli went the other. Eh, if they want to be independent some of the time, I'm okay with that.

Robin, who did a great job with the kids during Jr Chef, saw Ian coloring and came over to chat with him for a few minutes. I guess the kids left a good impression on her because she told me how they were both so sweet.

Ian is making a pattern. Interesting.

I was wondering how he was keeping track of the pattern. Looks like he's got his own organization tricks. He's lined the crayons up from top to bottom. When he's finished with a color he puts it on top, and his next color is the one on the bottom. Not sure where he picked that trick up, but, clever.

Alli, that looks wonderful!

Great job on that pattern Ian. And he colored the Mickey ears the same color as the stickers.

This is what I was bringing the kids over here for. Mickey's Philharmagic opened back in April 2019, but we haven't gone in here yet. We've been to the one in Florida and a few of the ones in the overseas parks, but never here.
Cast Member Don greeted us as we walked in and gave each of the kids a sticker. Ian got a Mickey sticker to match his shirt. Don flipped through his pile of stickers and found a Minnie sticker for Alli to match her shirt. Thanks!

I know they were replacing Muppet Vision 3D because it wasn't pulling very big crowds. This isn't really that much better.
Ian wanted to sit right up front. We were the only people in the entire row.

The kids enjoyed it like I knew they would. Reaching out for all the 3D effects. Not sure how much more we'll come see this though. The original opened in 2003 at the Magic Kingdom and the video hasn't changed ever since.

More popcorn? Oh yes. The kids wanted more. This is our 3rd refill.
Walking towards the Grand Californian, near Soarin there is another popcorn stand. I'm sure Grandpa would like it if we brought him some popcorn home. I emptied the bucket into the ziplock bag we brought and went up to the stand to get a refill.
When I got out my money to pay, the cast member said "It's on the Mouse". Really? Thank you!
I don't know what it is, but we've had some really good interactions with cast members today.

Like I said, we were walking towards the Grand Californian with the intention of leaving. Ian asked "Can we go on Grizzly River?" Uh, no thanks buddy, I don't feel like walking back to the car wet.
Alli said "I want to go!" Sigh... But kids, it's a 30 minute standby line. Kids together said "awww".
I pulled up my Disneyland app, checked to see if there was a fastpass, and sure enough, an immediate FP was available. Alright kids, let's go on it.

Ian had a wall of water come up over the side and down his back.

Well I've had it worse. Everyone got a little wet but no one got soaked. The kids had fun, so that's what really matters.

We walked through the Grand Californian and Ian was hoping to see a cake in the lobby like last year. No luck. Instead we went to the gazebo at the Disneyland Hotel. The kids dried off in the sun and then had races.

Back at the parking garage it's time to head home. We didn't get the closest parking spot today, but at least we'll have a very quick exit.

When we got home, I asked the kids to draw me a picture of what their favorite part of the day was.
Ian - He loved doing the Jr Chef. His picture is of himself with a Chef hat. There's even little Mickey on the hat. He's holding a spoon mixing something in a bowl.
Alli - She loved riding on the Grizzly River. She's drawn herself in a boat and all surrounded by water.
Both of these were spur-of-the-moment experiences. Guess even those can make a big impression. It pays to be flexible.

Today was fun hanging out with the kids!


  1. So wonderful the kids got to enjoy Goofy's Jr Chef again!...always fun seeing all the kids get into the baking activity and the "Goofy Chef Says" game. Looks like Ian and Alli wanted to "secretly" work on their own hat coloring masterpiece so the other wouldn't know what they had planned :-) Kids learn from their they act and talk...testament to a loving family upbringing when the kids behave respectfully and lovingly towards others! Love that photo of Ian and Alli in front of Donald in the Mickey's Philharmagic attraction...they posed so perfectly to fit into the "feel" of the scene. Great idea having the kids draw out a favorite experience of the day...helps them express themselves with creative pictures, instead of words. What a full, fun day of just Daddy and kids! EOM

    1. So happy we got to do Jr Chef again this year. I love that Disney puts something like that on. And for free no less!
      At the end of the day, whenever the kids have free time, I always ask for a picture. Then I scan it to save for later. It'll make for an interesting timeline to look at later.