Thursday, March 5, 2020

Hostess Dark Chocolate Raspberry Creme Cupcake

We're still finding things from Valentines Day to try. This time it's Hostess Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes! And we're fortunate enough to have Gram visiting for this taste test too!

Similar to the Strawberry Donettes we tried, this packaging is covered with hearts and very much in line with Valentines Day.
The insides have a a nice pink filling. The circular swirls on top are the same pink.

The insides have a pleasant raspberry smell.

And how do they taste? Yummy! I'm having a hard time telling it's a dark chocolate cupcake. It tastes like a normal Hostess cake to me. But the raspberry filling makes it just a little bit better than a regular Hostess cupcake.


  1. Valentine's Day treats must be Alli's favorite "treat time" due to all the pink in the treats :-) I remember how the Hostess Chocolate cupcake became a favorite of mine (over the Twinkie) after I discovered it as a youngster. Amazing that the raspberry filling can make it taste even better! EOM

    1. She is loving all the pink. She wants to know what we're tasting every night. I love the little changes that can make an old favorite taste like something new.