Saturday, March 14, 2020

Saturday Morning Cereals - Jolly Rancher Cereal

Time for another Saturday morning cereal. This one is a bit of an odd one.
Jolly Ranchers are super hard candies that get stuck in your teeth. I certainly don't think about cereal when I think about them. But the good people at General Mills did.

And we're tasting them along with a bag of regular Jolly Ranchers.

The cereal is shaped like long rectangles, similar to the candy. But, um, let me count the flavors...

4 flavors? The original bag of Jolly Ranchers has 5. Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Green Apple, Grape, and Watermelon. Where's the Watermelon pieces?

Not too bad matching the colors. The blue is a little off, but the rest of them are pretty close.

Taking a look at the back of the box. All 5 flavors are there on the logo.

And one more gripe. That whole bag of Jolly Ranchers only had 1 Grape candy! My favorite flavor!

Let's eat em!

We had to figure out a way to split that grape into multiple pieces. Cue the meat tenderizer. Lessons learned from the Holiday Dum Dum taste test. The Jolly Rancher candies are always tasty.

Now what about the cereal? I started with the Blue Raspberry. I grabbed one and it crunched it. It tastes like... corn. Maybe a hint of blue raspberry. Cherry, again very lightly flavored. I can taste a little big of Green Apple flavoring, but still it's not too strong. Lastly the grape. Again, just a hint.

Maybe if I had a bunch of them at once.
Helps a little bit, but still the flavor on these doesn't stand out.

Eating them with milk, everything tastes fruity. It gets a thumbs up from the kids, but not from me. If I'm looking for weird fruity cereal, I'm going to eat Sour Patch Kids cereal. That stuff is delicious.


  1. I think I like fruity candy more than fruity cereal :-) I think of Trix cereal when fruity cereal is mentioned. Hey, my favorite Jolly Rancher flavor is watermelon, and it's not even represented in the cereal! When Ian held the blue raspberry candy between his teeth, the first thing that stood out was how well it matched his shirt's color!!'s a pretty blue. EOM

    1. You're right. They are very much like Trix.
      Imitation watermelon is one of my favorite fruit flavors. I wonder if there's a watermelon cereal out there somewhere.